Information Commons Project

Institution Type: Central University Libraries

Faced with a space crunch in The Blanton Building where they currently reside, OIT was forced to look for new space on campus to house their Help Desk Unit. They already had a presence in the Fondren Library with their Academic Computing Technology (ACT) department, so OIT and CUL partnered together to bring OIT’s Help Desk to the Fondren Library, to the space occuiped by ACT. The ACT was moved into the Library’s Information Commons space to better align computing services to students and faculty. CUL moved their Student Multimedia Center from the room it occupied out into the Information Commons, freeing up space for the ACT unit. CUL also moved interlibary loan out of the Information Commons creating a space for a 14 seat touch computing lab. The grand result is that faculty and students now have a fully integrated Information Commons, with standard PC’s, MultiMedia Macs, a touch computing lab with 14 ipads and instructor station, a multifunction room and a support staff comprised of OIT and CUL employees. Architectural changes were minimum and designed in house. All costs were shared by both parties.

Project Type: Project in Progress

Budget: $30-50,000

Team Members:

Gilian McCombs, Dean of Central University Libraries (CUL)
Joe Gargiulo, CIO, Office of Information Rechnology (OIT)
Rob Walker, Director of Digital Services, CUL
Pat Van Zandt, Asst Dean for Scholarly Resources and Research Services, CUL
Tyeson Seale, Information Commons Technology Coordinator, CUL
Abby Kinney, Director, User Services Information Technology Services, OIT
Brad Boeke, Director of Academic Technology Services, OIT
Mary Queyrouze, Assistant Dean, Technology Services, CUL
Bill Dworaczyk, Assistant Dean, Facilities, CUL

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