IS Seeks Liaison to the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience

The ACRL Instruction Section (IS) is currently seeking applications to serve a three-year term (through July 2018) as the ACRL liaison to the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience.  Liaisons are responsible for outreach, education, and communication between the National Resource Center and ACRL in order to form strong relationships and advance the interests of ACRL and IS.

About the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience

The National Resource Center’s mission reads: “Building upon its history of excellence as the founder and leader of the first-year experience movement, the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition serves education professionals by supporting and advancing efforts to improve student learning and transitions into and through higher education. We achieve this mission by providing opportunities for the exchange of practical and scholarly information as well as the discussion of trends and issues in our field through the convening of conferences and other professional development events such as institutes, workshops, and online learning opportunities; publication of scholarly practice books, research reports, a peer-reviewed journal, electronic newsletters, and guides; generating, supporting, and disseminating research and scholarship; hosting visiting scholars; and maintaining several online channels for resource sharing and communication, including a dynamic website, listservs, and social media outlets.”  For more information about the organization, please visit or contact the previous liaison Anne-Marie Deitering (

Deadline for Applications

September 18

Submission Requirements

Nominees must submit:

  • A letter of application articulating qualifications to Mark Szarko, IS Past Chair-Person (
  • A current vita


  • Liaison attends the Annual Conference on the First Year Experience (organized by the National Resource Center), which takes place in February.
  • Attendance at ALA Midwinter or Annual Conferences is optional.
  • Liaison must be willing to advocate for the importance of school and academic libraries in student learning and successful transitions.
  • Liaison should effectively share information about ACRL strategic initiatives and agendas to the NRCFYE.
  • Liaison will regularly report back to ACRL and the Instruction Section about upcoming NRCFYE events and initiatives.



  • Current member of IS and ACRL
  • Experience working with first year students
  • Demonstrated interest in quantitative research in higher education
  • Interest in coordinating activities to increase interaction between the National Resource Center, ACRL, and IS
  • Financial support to attend the Annual Conference on the First Year Experience for the length of the three-year term if not funded by ACRL (Note:  Liaison may apply for up to $1500 in conference funding from the Liaison Grants Committee, but funding is not guaranteed)
  • Experience with or interest in outreach and advocacy to campus stakeholders engaged in the first-year experience movement
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Record of serving IS and/or ACRL on committees, task forces, etc.
  • Advanced degree or credential in teaching
  • Experience conducting research on the first-year experience

If you have any questions about the process, please contact IS Past Chair-Person Mark Szarko at

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IS Current Issues Discussion Group @ ALA Annual 2015

Where to Begin? Advice to Instruction Librarians for Building Strong Relationships With Faculty

Saturday, June 27th
4:30pm – 5:30pm
MCC 200-212

Discussion Convener: Amy Wainwright, Outreach and Student Engagement Librarian, John Carroll University

Building strong relationships with faculty is an important first step to creating a healthy and flourishing instruction program at your library. This discussion hopes to address many of the current issues and roadblocks associated with developing these partnerships and introduce communication building strategies and reflective teaching methods that will empower librarians to construct more robust instruction programs on their campuses.

For more information, and recommended readings, review the discussion digest.

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Preconference Workshop @ ALA Annual 2015

The Instruction Section is sponsoring a pre-conference workshop at ALA Annual, for the first time in many years. See below for details and visit thewebsite for additional information.

Reflective Teaching: Self-evaluation to assess and improve your teaching practice

Friday, June 26, 1-4 pm

Workshop leaders: Wendy Holliday and Anne-Marie Deitering

Reflection is a central component of effective teaching practice and successful student learning. But reflection can sometimes seem fuzzy, without purpose, and lack connection to larger program goals. In this three-hour workshop, participants will learn techniques and strategies for more structured and intentional reflection. Participants will learn how to identify, articulate, and diagnose teaching and learning “problems” that they encounter in the classroom, analyze their role as a teacher in that situation, and then apply techniques of reflective practice to address those learning problems and improve student learning. Participants will also explore collaborative reflective practices in order to build reflective practice into their instruction programs.


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