Current Task Forces

PRIMO Database Task Force

The PRIMO Database task force will collaborate with the PRIMO Database consultant and the PRIMO committee to rebuild and transition the PRIMO database from the ALA server to a new host site. The PRIMO Database transition will be complete by Annual 2014.

Standards for Proficiencies for Instructional Librarians and Coordinators Review Task Force

To review the Standards for Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians and Coordinators document in order to identify needed revisions, additions, or deletions.  The Task Force will also develop a checklist that can be used to formalize the review process of the Standards in the future, modeled after the Checklist for Reviewing Subject-Specific Information Literacy Standards.  The Task Force will provide the checklist and recommendations for revision to the IS Executive Committee in December 2013, prior to the ALA 2014 Midwinter Conference.

UNESCO IL Publication Task Force

The task force is charged with contributing appropriate information literacy resources to the English Language (USA) section of the UNESCO ePub “Overview of Information Literacy Resources Worldwide.”   This publication will be updated by UNESCO no more than twice a year.  The first update to expand the initial 2013 publication list will be due fall of 2013 at the earliest.  The task force will send their suggested list of resources to IS Exec for review by October 1, 2013.

Website Implementation Task Force

The task force is charged with reviewing the recommendations of the Website Revision Task Force and investigate website hosting options outside of ALA/ACRL (e.g., Word Press, Google Sites, etc.). The task force will submit its hosting option recommendation to the Executive Committee by ALA Midwinter (2014). The task force will then implement changes on the selected platform, improving the site’s navigation structure and content organization (deadline: ALA Annual 2014).