Chapter 12

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YouTube University: Using XML, Web Services, and Online Video Services to Serve University and Library Video Content

Jason A. Clark
Montana State University


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Current and Related Projects

TERRA Mobile 
The TERRA team decided to build an abridged version of the site for the iPhone, Google Android, and other mobile devices.
TERRA Google Gadget 
A micro library application/widget that allows searching of TERRA videos and browsing of TERRA feeds in several web environments including iGoogle and other distributed web channels.
"YouTube as a Medium for Conversation" 
"An attempt at reasoned dialog about YouTube as a communicative medium. Seriously." It's an experimental film on YouTube from the creative forces behind TERRA. Learn more about the project on my Jason A. Clark's blog or visit the YouTube instance "Talking Smack in Yo' Face" and share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Events & Presentations

Computers in Libraries 2008: "Next-Generation Digital Libraries." 09 April 2008 
A presentation based on the web 2.0 functionality realized in the "TERRA: The Nature of Our World Project".

About the Author

Jason A. Clark