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Development of an Orientation Session for New Chapter Leaders

July 24th, 2012 No comments

During the Chapters Council meeting at ALA Annual in Anaheim it was determined that Chapters Council in conjunction with ACRL should provide an orientation session for new Chapter leaders to inform them of the assistance they can receive from ACRL and the importance of engaging with Chapters Council. The following is a list of topics that were suggested to be included in an orientation session. If you have any other ideas of something that would have been helpful for you or you believe would be helpful for the leadership in your Chapter in the future please share them either in the comments on this blog post, on the Chapters Council listserv, or email the current Chapters Council Chair, Danielle Whren Johnson at

  • What is the purpose of Chapters Council
  • What is the relationship between ACRL and Chapters Council
  • National office liaison (alert that this position exists, who it is, how to contact, what they can help with, etc.)
  • ACRL Funding (what is it, how do Chapters get reimbursed, what is eligible for reimbursement)
  • ACRL Speakers Program
  • ACRL Chapters Council meetings at Midwinter and Annual
  • How to keep in touch (Chapters Topics, blog, by-laws, list-serv)
  • Mentor program for new leaders (in development)
  • Toolkit for new leaders (in development)
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Report on the ACRL Chapters Council Survey

June 7th, 2012 No comments

During the Chapters Council meeting held on January 22, 2012 at ALA Midwinter in Dallas, Texas, a Task Force was formed to create a survey which would explore the relationship between ACRL and Chapters, particularly in regards to gauging the membership’s satisfaction with the current funding situation for the chapters. The goal of the survey was to tap into the membership and, through their feedback and suggestions, provide ACRL National and ACRL Chapters Council with other options for funding, perhaps even replacing the current situation of national funding regional chapters based on a per member basis.

The attached document is a compilation of the final results gleaned from this survey. The results found in this report will serve as a starting point for a discussion on how the ACRL Chapters Council can move forward to help create a better working relationship with individual chapters and ACRL National and how it can help facilitate ways in which ACRL National and the local chapters can best meet each others’ needs.

Members of the ACRL Chapters Council are highly encouraged to read this report prior to attending the ACRL Chapters Council meeting at ALA Annual in Anaheim in preparation for a discussion on the survey results. Those members unable to attend the Chapters Council meeting at ALA Annual in person are encouraged to provide feedback either on the ACRL Chapters Council ALA Connect page, the ACRL Chapters Council blog, or on the ACRL Chapters Council listserv. Comments or questions may also be sent to Danielle Whren Johnson, the incoming ACRL Chapters Chair at or to Amy Eklund, Chair of the Survey Working Group at


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Dine Around at ALA Annual in Anaheim

June 5th, 2012 No comments

Join your colleagues for food and fun at the Chapters Council Dine-Around. The Dine-Around is scheduled for Sunday, June 24 at 6:30 pm at the Tangerine Grill and Patio. The restaurant is located at 1030 W. Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA 92802 inside the Anabella Hotel next to the Anaheim Convention Center. Vegetarian options are available. An RSVP is not strictly required, but in order to help provide a head count to the restaurant prior to the dinner if you think you are planning on attending please RSVP to Danielle Whren Johnson at by Wednesday, June 20.

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Candidates for ACRL Chapters Council Secretary and Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

May 22nd, 2012 No comments

Elections for the 2012-2013 Chapters Council Secretary and Vice-Chair/Chair Elect will take place during the Chapters Council meeting at ALA Annual in Anaheim. The following candidates have accepted nominations for the positions.


ACRL Chapters Council Secretary

Caroline Fuchs,  Associate Professor and Outreach Librarian at St. John’s University Libraries

In addition to an MLS from St. John’s University, Caroline also holds a MA in English and an MA in history. She is currently serving as the President of  ACRL/NY (the Greater New York Metropolitan area Chapter); as the Chapter’s Legislative Liaison and as a member of the Chapter’s Symposium Planning Committee. She has been an active member of both ALA and ACRL and serves on several committees including the ACRL ULS Academic Outreach Committee and the RUSA Access to Information Committee. She is currently the co-chair of the AFL-CIO-ALA Joint Committee on Library Services to Labor Groups. Among her other professional commitments, Professor Fuchs also serves on the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) in several capacities: as the co-founder and co-convener of the Library Advocacy Special Interest Group, as co-convener of the Library 2.0 Special Interest Group, and as a Member of the Documentary Heritage Program Advisory Council.

Statement of Interest: I would be pleased and honored to serve as the Secretary of the ACRL Chapters Council. As an active member of the library community both locally and nationally, I firmly believe that academic librarians should actively engage with their professional organizations. Chapters Council is a fine example of how academic librarians can work together to further the goals of the professional, while also providing a significant arena in which to share ideas, discuss issues, and network with colleagues. I would welcome the opportunity to serve as Secretary.

ACRL Chapters Council Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

Les Kong, Coordinator, Library Media Services.  John M. Pfau Library.  California State University, San Bernardino

Work Experience:

Current position: Coordinator, Library Media Services.  John M. Pfau Library.  California State University, San Bernardino.  2010-present. Previous positions: Head of Public Services. California State University, San Bernardino. 1993-2010. Head of Reference. California State University, San Bernardino. 1990-1993. Social Science and Business Administration Reference Librarian. California State University, Sacramento. 1978-1990. Adjunct Professor.  School of Library & Information Science. San Jose State University. 1988-2000.


  • Masters of Business Administration, California State University, Sacramento.  1987.
  • Masters of Library Science, University of California, Berkeley.  1977.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration (Marketing). San Francisco State University.  1975.

Memberships, Committees, and Offices Held (Selected):

  • California Academic Research Libraries (CARL – California Chapter of ACRL)) ACRL Chapters Council Delegate [state-wide elected position], 2007-present.
  • CARL Executive Board, Member, 2007-present.
  • CARL, President, 1998.
  • CARL, Vice-President/President-Elect [state-wide elected position], 1996-97.
  • CARL, Secretary-Treasurer [state-wide elected position], 1992-93.
  • Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC), Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges & Universities, Substantive Change Committee, Member, 2004-09.
  • WASC, Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges & Universities, Evaluator, 2001-present.
  • ALA Chapter Councilor (California), California Library Association (CLA), 2006-2011.
  • CLA Executive Board, Member, 2002-2005, 2006-2011.
  • CLA Past President, 2004-05.
  • CLA President, 2003.
  • CLA Vice-President, President-Elect [state-wide elected position], 2002.
  • Conference Program Planning Committee (2000), Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS), Reference & User Services Association (RUSA), American Library Association (ALA), 1999-2000.
  • Education Committee, BRASS, RUSA, ALA, 1999-2001.
  • Local Arrangements Committee, Junior Members Round Table, ALA, 1987.
  • Membership/Public Relations Committee, Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT), ALA,   1987-89.

Publications and Presentations:

  •  “Academic Reference Librarians: Under the Microscope,” The Reference Librarian No.54:21-27 (1996).
  • “Academic Reference Librarians: Under the Microscope,” in The Roles of Reference Librarians: Today and Tomorrow. pps.21-27. New York: Haworth Press, 1996.
  • “Reference Service Evolved,” Journal of Academic Librarianship 21:13-14 (January 1995).
  • “Charting a Career Path in the Information Professions,” co-authored with R. Goodfellow, College & Research  Libraries  49:207-16 (May 1988).

Statement of Interest: I have been very active at the state level in California in terms of professional associations, having held top leadership positions in the ACRL Chapter, California Academic & Research Libraries, and in the ALA Chapter, California Library Association. Through these associations, I have also been active at the national level with ACRL and ALA, participating at ACRL Chapters Council meetings, and on ALA Council for a number of years. It would be an honor to serve in a leadership role on the ACRL Chapters Council. If elected, I would continue our efforts to push for increased funding of chapter activities by ACRL, and would seek ways to close the perceived gap between the chapters and National.

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ACRL Chapters Council Survey

April 23rd, 2012 No comments

The ACRL Chapters Council serves as a conduit for information and communication between ACRL National and the local ACRL Chapters.  Over the past 4 years, the ACRL Chapters Council has petitioned ACRL National for additional funding to support the local chapters. These requests have not been successful. During the 2012 Midwinter Meeting in Dallas, ACRL President Joyce Ogburn and Executive Director Mary Ellen Davis suggested that the Chapters Council present ideas for alternative methods of funding or support that ACRL National could provide to the local chapters in addition to or perhaps even in lieu of the current $1.00 per member  currently provided.

The ACRL Chapters Council is currently running a survey open to all members of local ACRL Chapters in order to both gauge your satisfaction with the current funding situation for your chapter and to provide feedback and suggestions on ways that both ACRL National and the ACRL Chapters Council can provide better support and/or funding for your local chapter.

All members belonging to one of ACRL’s local chapters are encouraged to fill out the survey. The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. The survey will remain open until May 15, 2012.

For questions about the survey please contact Rickey Best, Chair of the ACRL Chapters Council at

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Nominations for ACRL Chapters Council Vice-Chair and Secretary

April 17th, 2012 No comments

Want to get more involved with ACRL? Consider running for a position on the ACRL Chapters Council Executive Board. Nominations are now open for the position of Vice-Chair (this position is a 3 year term starting with year 1 as Vice-Chair, year 2 as Chair, and year 3 as Past-Chair) and Secretary (a one year term). Responsibilities for each of the positions are outlined below. As the current Vice-Chair and past Secretary of the Chapters Council I can tell you that serving in these positions provides the opportunity to learn much more about ACRL and to meet and work with a lot of fun people. Please send your nominations (self nominations are encouraged) to Danielle Whren Johnson at



This is a three-year commitment. This officer serves as vice-chair, chair, and past chair in successive oneyear

terms. During the chair’s term of office as Chair, the responsibilities include:

  • · Preparing an annual report for ACRL, due May 15.
  • · Attend and preside over Annual and Midwinter Chapters Council Meetings.
  • · Submit election results from Chapters Council officer elections to ACRL staff.
  • · With the Chapters Council officers, prepare the meeting agendas.
  • · Appoint ad-hoc committee chairs including the editor for Chapter Topics, List Administrator,

Legislative Network Representative, and Presidential Candidates Forum Committee Chair. These

appointments should be made following Annual (June/July.)

  • · With vice-chair, attends ACRL Leader Development and Strategic Planning session at Annual and


  • · Serves as ex-officio on the ACRL Research Coordinating Committee.
  • · Serves as ex-officio on the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award Nominations


  • · Works with the Chair of Leadership Recruitment and Nominations Committee in planning the

ACRL Presidential Candidates Forum. Activities may include creating and editing the list of

questions each candidate will answer and time keeping during the question and answer session.

  • · Contact a vendor to provide funding for the ACRL Presidential Candidates Forum luncheon.

Works with ACRL to coordinate the donation.

  • · Invite candidates running for ACRL President-Elect and ACRL Director-At-Large to speak at the

Midwinter Meeting of Chapters Council.


The vice-chair is elected at the Annual conference. During the vice-chair’s term of office duties (official

and unofficial) include:

  • · Attending Annual and Midwinter Chapters Council Meeting.
  • · Attend ACRL Leader Development and Strategic Planning session at Annual and Midwinter.
  • · Organizing elections for Vice-Chair and Secretary at Annual.

o At Midwinter announce a call for nominations

o After Midwinter (Jan./Feb) send out announcement to the Chapters Council listserv

requesting nominations, including self-nominations. Deadline date of mid-March.

o Collect bios, photos, and position statements to send to Chapter Topics Editor. Deadline is

usually in early May.

o Run the election at Annual; tally the paper votes; and announce results.

  • · Contact a vendor to sponsor refreshments for the Chapters Council Meeting. In 2008 and 2009,

EBSCO funded the breakfast at each Annual Conference. Work with ACRL to coordinate the


  • · Writing a follow-up thank you to the vendor after Annual and Midwinter for sponsorship.
  • · Organize a Dine-Around for the Chapters Council delegates at Annual and Midwinter. This is an

informal dinner. Announcement of details sent to Chapters Council listserv and Chapter Topics.

  • · Organizes, on an as-needed basis, workshops at Midwinter to help council members address areas

of leadership concern that ACRL requires from each chapter. For example, a workshop was held

that assisted council members to complete the ACRL annual report, which is required of each

chapter .

Past Chair

  • · Attends Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting.
  • · Serves as ex-officio on the ACRL Membership Committee.
  • · Serves as a member of the ACRL Leadership Recruitment and Nominations Committee. Because

this a two-year appointment, every other past chair serves on this committee.


  • · This office is a one-year commitment.
  • · Secretary is responsible for taking roll and recording the minutes at Midwinter and Annual.
  • · Minutes are submitted for approval to the Council at the subsequent meeting for approval and then

to the editor of Chapter Topics for publication.

  • · Draft and final minutes from conferences are submitted to the ACRL Program Coordinator for

posting on the Chapters Council web page.


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