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Report on the ACRL Chapters Council Survey

During the Chapters Council meeting held on January 22, 2012 at ALA Midwinter in Dallas, Texas, a Task Force was formed to create a survey which would explore the relationship between ACRL and Chapters, particularly in regards to gauging the membership’s satisfaction with the current funding situation for the chapters. The goal of the survey was to tap into the membership and, through their feedback and suggestions, provide ACRL National and ACRL Chapters Council with other options for funding, perhaps even replacing the current situation of national funding regional chapters based on a per member basis.

The attached document is a compilation of the final results gleaned from this survey. The results found in this report will serve as a starting point for a discussion on how the ACRL Chapters Council can move forward to help create a better working relationship with individual chapters and ACRL National and how it can help facilitate ways in which ACRL National and the local chapters can best meet each others’ needs.

Members of the ACRL Chapters Council are highly encouraged to read this report prior to attending the ACRL Chapters Council meeting at ALA Annual in Anaheim in preparation for a discussion on the survey results. Those members unable to attend the Chapters Council meeting at ALA Annual in person are encouraged to provide feedback either on the ACRL Chapters Council ALA Connect page, the ACRL Chapters Council blog, or on the ACRL Chapters Council listserv. Comments or questions may also be sent to Danielle Whren Johnson, the incoming ACRL Chapters Chair at dwhren@loyola.edu or to Amy Eklund, Chair of the Survey Working Group at Amy.Eklund@gpc.edu.


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