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VLACRL Holds “IPads in Libraries” Program

The Virginia Chapter of ACRL (VLACRL) synchronously held its annual summer program, “iPads in Libraries,” at four different locations, all of which were connected via the TelePresence video conferencing system. The program featured a morning discussion about innovative uses of iPads in various academic library settings, including circulation and instruction. It also introduced a range of tablet applications for workflows and professional productivity. Presentations included “Building an iPad classroom” (Meridith Wolnick, UVA), “Teaching with iPads” (Rebecca Kate Miller & Carolyn Meier, Virginia Tech), “Circulating iPads” (Patrick Tomlin & Heather Moorefield-Lang, Virginia Tech), and “Experimenting in an iPad Sandbox” (Cindi Sandridge et al). Thanks to the video conferencing technology and the popularity of the topic, we tripled the number of attendees for the summer program in comparison to years past. We also had a fruitful exchange of innovative ideas for incorporating iPads into our professional environments.

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