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Development of an Orientation Session for New Chapter Leaders

During the Chapters Council meeting at ALA Annual in Anaheim it was determined that Chapters Council in conjunction with ACRL should provide an orientation session for new Chapter leaders to inform them of the assistance they can receive from ACRL and the importance of engaging with Chapters Council. The following is a list of topics that were suggested to be included in an orientation session. If you have any other ideas of something that would have been helpful for you or you believe would be helpful for the leadership in your Chapter in the future please share them either in the comments on this blog post, on the Chapters Council listserv, or email the current Chapters Council Chair, Danielle Whren Johnson at dwhren@loyola.edu.

  • What is the purpose of Chapters Council
  • What is the relationship between ACRL and Chapters Council
  • National office liaison (alert that this position exists, who it is, how to contact, what they can help with, etc.)
  • ACRL Funding (what is it, how do Chapters get reimbursed, what is eligible for reimbursement)
  • ACRL Speakers Program
  • ACRL Chapters Council meetings at Midwinter and Annual
  • How to keep in touch (Chapters Topics, blog, by-laws, list-serv)
  • Mentor program for new leaders (in development)
  • Toolkit for new leaders (in development)
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