About ACRL Chapters Council

March 11th, 2014

Our Mission

The mission of ACRL Chapters Council is to serve as a conduit for information and communication between National ACRL and its Chapters, and to promote membership of ACRL National.


Chapters Council is comprised of the chairs, vice chairs, and appointed delegates of the various local chapters of ACRL.  At council meetings, up to two representatives from each chapter have voting privileges.  Representatives must be current members of ACRL.


ACRL’s Chapters Council meets at ALA’s Annual Conference and at the Midwinter Meeting.  These meetings traditionally take place on Sunday morning.  We meet as a group to discuss matters of importance to local chapters.  We also hear from the leadership of ACRL national, including the Executive Director and Presidents (President-Elect, President, and Past-President).  These meetings are a great opportunity to meet your colleagues in other chapters and to learn about what’s new in ACRL.


Also at the Midwinter and Annual meetings, Chapters Council arranges for (but, alas, does not pay for) dinner at a local restaurant.  Dine-arounds provide a great opportunity to chat with your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.  Dine-arounds typically take place on Sunday evening.

Chapters Council Listserv

Have questions?  Take advantage of the wisdom of the group by posting your question to our listserv.

Chapter Topics Newsletter

Looking for ideas for programming for your chapter?  The Chapter Topics newsletter gives updates on what local chapters have been up to.   New issues come out in December and May.


Officers for Chapters Council are listed here.  If any of us can be of assistance, just ask.  We elect a new secretary and vice chair at ALA Annual.  Self-nominations are encouraged.


ACRL reimburses chapters at a rate of $1 per ACRL member within your chapter’s geographic boundaries.  More money is available if your chapter conducts a membership drive.  See page 5 of the Chapters Council Orientation Manual for full details.  Please make sure your chapter applies to be reimbursed.  The more people we have taking advantage of this funding, the less likely it is to go away.


Looking for a keynote presenter for your chapter’s program?  ACRL officers are available to present at your event, and ACRL will pick up the travel costs.  Chapters may request speakers for their events approximately every four years.

Our contact at ACRL

We are fortunate to have Chase Ollis as ACRL’s staff liaison for Chapters Council.  Funding requests, both for the ACRL Officers Speakers program and for the annual chapter reimbursement, should go through Chase, who can also provide a list of emails for ACRL members living in your area.  Chase can be reached at collis@ala.org.

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