Nominations for ACRL Chapters Council Vice-Chair and Secretary

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Want to get more involved with ACRL? Consider running for a position on the ACRL Chapters Council Executive Board. Nominations are now open for the position of Vice-Chair (this position is a 3 year term starting with year 1 as Vice-Chair, year 2 as Chair, and year 3 as Past-Chair) and Secretary (a one year term). Responsibilities for each of the positions are outlined below. As the current Vice-Chair and past Secretary of the Chapters Council I can tell you that serving in these positions provides the opportunity to learn much more about ACRL and to meet and work with a lot of fun people. Please send your nominations (self nominations are encouraged) to Danielle Whren Johnson at



This is a three-year commitment. This officer serves as vice-chair, chair, and past chair in successive oneyear

terms. During the chair’s term of office as Chair, the responsibilities include:

  • · Preparing an annual report for ACRL, due May 15.
  • · Attend and preside over Annual and Midwinter Chapters Council Meetings.
  • · Submit election results from Chapters Council officer elections to ACRL staff.
  • · With the Chapters Council officers, prepare the meeting agendas.
  • · Appoint ad-hoc committee chairs including the editor for Chapter Topics, List Administrator,

Legislative Network Representative, and Presidential Candidates Forum Committee Chair. These

appointments should be made following Annual (June/July.)

  • · With vice-chair, attends ACRL Leader Development and Strategic Planning session at Annual and


  • · Serves as ex-officio on the ACRL Research Coordinating Committee.
  • · Serves as ex-officio on the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award Nominations


  • · Works with the Chair of Leadership Recruitment and Nominations Committee in planning the

ACRL Presidential Candidates Forum. Activities may include creating and editing the list of

questions each candidate will answer and time keeping during the question and answer session.

  • · Contact a vendor to provide funding for the ACRL Presidential Candidates Forum luncheon.

Works with ACRL to coordinate the donation.

  • · Invite candidates running for ACRL President-Elect and ACRL Director-At-Large to speak at the

Midwinter Meeting of Chapters Council.


The vice-chair is elected at the Annual conference. During the vice-chair’s term of office duties (official

and unofficial) include:

  • · Attending Annual and Midwinter Chapters Council Meeting.
  • · Attend ACRL Leader Development and Strategic Planning session at Annual and Midwinter.
  • · Organizing elections for Vice-Chair and Secretary at Annual.

o At Midwinter announce a call for nominations

o After Midwinter (Jan./Feb) send out announcement to the Chapters Council listserv

requesting nominations, including self-nominations. Deadline date of mid-March.

o Collect bios, photos, and position statements to send to Chapter Topics Editor. Deadline is

usually in early May.

o Run the election at Annual; tally the paper votes; and announce results.

  • · Contact a vendor to sponsor refreshments for the Chapters Council Meeting. In 2008 and 2009,

EBSCO funded the breakfast at each Annual Conference. Work with ACRL to coordinate the


  • · Writing a follow-up thank you to the vendor after Annual and Midwinter for sponsorship.
  • · Organize a Dine-Around for the Chapters Council delegates at Annual and Midwinter. This is an

informal dinner. Announcement of details sent to Chapters Council listserv and Chapter Topics.

  • · Organizes, on an as-needed basis, workshops at Midwinter to help council members address areas

of leadership concern that ACRL requires from each chapter. For example, a workshop was held

that assisted council members to complete the ACRL annual report, which is required of each

chapter .

Past Chair

  • · Attends Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting.
  • · Serves as ex-officio on the ACRL Membership Committee.
  • · Serves as a member of the ACRL Leadership Recruitment and Nominations Committee. Because

this a two-year appointment, every other past chair serves on this committee.


  • · This office is a one-year commitment.
  • · Secretary is responsible for taking roll and recording the minutes at Midwinter and Annual.
  • · Minutes are submitted for approval to the Council at the subsequent meeting for approval and then

to the editor of Chapter Topics for publication.

  • · Draft and final minutes from conferences are submitted to the ACRL Program Coordinator for

posting on the Chapters Council web page.


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Mid-Winter 2012 Chapters Council Agenda

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Hi all. Below is the agenda for our Mid-Winter meeting. Please let me know of anything you would like to see added.

Mid-Winter 2012
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Sheraton San Antonio Hotel – Dallas
Ballroom A
1. Welcome and Introductions – Best

2. Update on Petition for Increased Funding to Chapters – Best

3. Update on ACRL Activities from Mary Ellen Davis / Joyce Ogburn / Stephen Bell

4. Washington Office Update (not yet confirmed)

5. Introduction of Candidates for ACRL Slot on Board – Best
a. Marilyn Ochoa
b. Charles Kratz

6. Discussion of Chapter Activities- Open

7. Solicitation of Candidates for Chapter Offices – Whren Johnson

8. Update on Chapter Council Communication Committee – Lenker

9. Other Business

10. Adjournment

Note: Work Session will be held from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Sheraton Hotel, Majestic Room 10

Rickey Best
Collection Development Librarian
Auburn University at Montgomery



Chapters Council Mid-Winter Meeting

November 18th, 2011 1 comment

Hello. The schedule for the Mid-Winter meeting of Chapters Council is shaping up. The Council will meet Sunday, January 22nd, at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel from 8:00 am until 10:00 am, San Antonio Ballroom A. There will be a worksession for Chapters Council Sunday from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm in the Sheraton Majestic #10 room.

The ACRL Officers, including Joyce Osbourne, Mary Ellen Davis, and Stephen Bell, will be dropping by between meetings between 8:30 and 9:00 am. Lynne Bradley from the Washington Office has been asked to discuss congressional actions that we all need to be aware of.

Finally, our candidates for the Board-Member-At-Large from Chapters Council, Marilyn Ochoa and Charles Kratz, will be on hand to provide a general statement of why the Director-At-Large position is important, and how they anticipate being able to represent the issues important to local chapters on the Board.

As an update, the ACRL Board has denied our request for additional funding for the local chapters. In a message from Mary Ellen Davis, she reported that

“The Executive Committee determined that it was in the best interest of the association to maintain a distinction between decisions related to revenue and expenditures. In particular, it decided not to approve this request as the proposal would establish a relationship between Board actions related to individual membership dues rates and the Chapters funding program reimbursement rate. The Executive Committee viewed these as two separate and unrelated decisions and did not desire to establish a policy relating them.”

At this point, I am at a loss as how to proceed on the funding issue, but I would welcome comments and suggestions from you all.

My best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, and I look forward to seeing in you Dallas.

Rickey Best
AUM Library
and Chair, Chapters Council


Welcome to Your Blog!

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Chapters Council’s Online Communications Committee established this forum for two important reasons. First, we want all members of Chapters Council to be able to participate actively in council discussions and initiatives, regardless of their ability to travel to ALA’s Midwinter Meetings and Annual Conferences, where the bulk of the work of Council has traditionally been done. In this time of reduced travel budgets, it’s important for any national-level library organization to provide opportunities for its members to participate from a distance. We feel this is especially true for the members of Chapters Council, who also invest considerable time, energy, and resources in their leadership roles in their home chapters.

We also wanted to make it easy for chapter leaders to discuss chapter issues throughout the year, not just at our two face-to-face meetings. Our listserv ( already provides a means for discussion at some level, but we are hoping that this blog will provide a more reader-friendly forum for us to share ideas about what’s happening in our state chapters and in ACRL. Did your chapter host a particularly successful program? Tell us about it here. Is your chapter wrestling with a difficult issue? Share your questions with the group. Have you found an interesting resource you want to share with the group? Please – let us know about it!

We plan to use the listserv to get the word out to council members about new posts on this forum. We’re also starting a Facebook group to let people know about new developments on the blog and to provide a channel for friendly chatter among colleagues. The name of our page will be “ACRL Chapters” – we’ll notify you on the listserv when it’s up and running. Be sure to friend us!

Special thanks to Amy Eklund and Cynthia Dudenhoffer for their valuable work on this blog.

Thanks for your work for ACRL and for your local chapter.

Take care,

Past-chair, ACRL Chapters Council
Chief Instigator, ACRL Chapters Council Online Communications Committee

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