Member’s Spotlight: Sarah Carter

This month’s member’s spotlight features Sarah Carter. She is the Director of the Bridwell Art Library at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

Tell us what type of library do you work in?

Academic research institution

How long have you been a member of ACRL/Arts Section?

Nine years!


Describe your position and what you like best about it.

I wear many hats as the administrator for the branch art library, including developing outreach programming, teaching information literacy sessions, social media marketing,  managing installation of furniture and fixtures, and collection development.  I enjoy being embedded within the art department and seeing students on a daily and weekly basis; this allows me to hear about their projects and papers, and really understand what their needs are.  I also love how independent our branch is in terms of being responsive to our users’ needs.  We frequently do student surveys and get feedback on whiteboards to understand what we can do to help them with research.  The most rewarding change in my time here has been to allow circulation to undergraduate students, so they can take materials home and do research where they are most comfortable.

What are you reading or what is the latest exhibition you have seen?

I am so lucky to work close to the Speed Art Museum, which reopened after a four-year renovation and expansion.  They currently have Ai Weiwei’s Zodiac Heads installed on the front lawn, and I enjoy admiring them as I walk by on my way to meetings.

Tell us about the arts related activities you are involved in outside of librarianship.

I love to travel the US and internationally, and make travel journals to commemorate my trips.  You can see the journal I made for my trip to Russia in 2013 with the ARLIS/NA International Study Tour  here:

Do you have a website/blog link and/or social media handles (ex. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) you’d like to share?

I tweet here @Carter_chan

Describe your vision for ACRL/Arts Section in three words.

Responsive Professional Innovative

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