The Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, adopted by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) in 2000, have become an essential document related to the emergence of information literacy as a recognized learning outcome at many institutions of higher education. While they are currently in force, during 2013-14 an ACRL task force is extensively revising them.

The task force membership reflects some of the best minds in the library profession currently working in the area of information literacy. Importantly, it includes non-librarians from university departments, higher education organizations, and an accreditor. The Task Force membership is now at full strength with the addition of two new members from liberal arts colleges in fall 2013. The full roster follows:

  • Craig Gibson, Associate University Librarian, Ohio State University Libraries (Co-Chair)
  • Trudi E. Jacobson, Head, Information Literacy Dept, University at Albany, SUNY, University Libraries (Co-Chair)
  • Elizabeth Berman, Science & Engineering Librarian, University of Vermont  (Member)
  • Carl O. DiNardo, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Library Instruction/Science Librarian, Eckerd College (Member)
  • Lesley S. J. Farmer, Professor, California State University-Long Beach (Member)
  • Ellie A. Fogarty, Vice President, Middle States Commission on Higher Education (Member)
  • Diane M. Fulkerson, Social Sciences and Education Librarian, University of South Florida in Lakeland (Member)
  • Allan Gyorke, Chief Academic Technology Officer, University of Miami (Member)
  • Merinda Kaye Hensley, Instructional Services Librarian and Scholarly Commons Co-coordinator, University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign (Member)
  • Joan K. Lippincott, Associate Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information (Member)
  • Michelle S. Millet, Library Director, John Carroll University (Member)
  • Bill Roberson, Director or the Institute for Teaching, Learning & Academic Leadership, University at Albany SUNY (Member)
  • Troy Swanson, Teaching & Learning Librarian, Moraine Valley Community College (Member)
  • Lori Townsend, Data Librarian for Social Sciences and Humanities, University of New Mexico (Member)
  • Julie Ann Garrison, Associate Dean of Research and Instructional Services, Grand Valley State University (Board Liaison)
  • Kate Ganski, Library Instruction Coordinator, University of Wisconsin –  Milwaukee (Visiting Program Officer)
  • Kara Malenfant, Senior Strategist for Special Initiatives, Association of College and Research Libraries (Staff Liaison)

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  1. Dr. Alma Dawson says:

    I teach a course in information literacy instruction and am very interested in your revision of the current standards.

    Thank you,
    Alma Dawson, Phd
    Russell Long Professor in Library and Information Science

  2. Edward Muya says:

    I am library school lecturer in Kenya.I look forward to read the final report

  3. I am one of the Reference & Instruction librarians at Bronx Community College of the City University of New York. I think it’s safe to say that the definition of Information Literacy has evolved over the last twelve years, and will continue to evolve. Some of the questions I have in regards to the IL revisions are: If revisions are to be implemented, will they speak to the discipline specific needs of the academic departments we are liaisons to? Will there now be IL standards specific to the Humanities, the various Social Sciences, and the Natural Sciences? Should librarians allow subject based faculty to develop their own definitions of IL? How does/will emerging technology impact the revisions? Will these revisions allow for more effective librarian/subject faculty collaborations, embeddedness and team teaching partnerships?

  4. Kara Malenfant says:

    Thanks for your interest and your comments. The task force is hard at work and will take into consideration your feedback. Stay tuned for a draft document, posted to this website, in mid December.

  5. Barb Macke says:

    For those of us who cannot attend the open forum at ALA Midwinter, is there any way we can send ideas/suggestions etc. directly to the task force for consideration?

  6. Todd Heldt says:

    Last semester I taught a 16-week information literacy course as part of a learning community about global warming. Spending that much time in information literacy- land with one group of students provided some valuable insight into the shortcomings of the current definition of information literacy. I am extremely interested in seeing the results of this group.

  7. mamoona says:

    I am working as university librarian in Pakistan and doing research with regard to ACRL Information Literacy Standards for Science and Engineering/ Technology. Will this revision impact these IL standards for engineering also? Keen to know. When the final draft is expected to come?

  8. Joanne says:

    The standards were supposed to be put out for comment on February 14th. Can you tell us where they are located so that we are able to access them?

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