Now Presenting Naomi Bishop

We are pleased to present Naomi Bishop, the new Librarian-in-Residence at the University of Notre Dame.

Naomi was born in Phoenix and grew up in Mesa, Arizona. She earned a BA in German and Political Science from the University of Arizona at Tucson, followed by a MLIS from the University of Washington in Seattle.

As Naomi explains, she decided to pursue a career in library science because, “I like a lot of different things: Science, Languages, Health Sciences, and Political Science. In librarianship I can combine all my passions; everything that I love.” She got the idea of becoming a librarian while working as a sophomore at the University of Arizona libraries. Her supervisors were students in the Knowledge River program and said she would make a great librarian. During library school she worked for two years as a student reference assistant at the UW Engineering library. This experience sparked her interest in academic librarianship.

She is the sixth recipient of the collaborative Kresge Law Library and University Libraries Librarian-In-Residence Program at Notre Dame since its inception in 2000. There were numerous personal reasons for choosing to participate in the program, beyond the academic and professional experience. Naomi was impressed with Notre Dame’s reputation as a great research university with an excellent engineering department and law school. In addition, she was excited to have the opportunity to work in the different libraries on campus: “I think getting this type of experience and going into different areas of librarianship will be helpful to me in finding the type of work I want to do.”

The library work most appealing to Naomi includes archives, reference, interacting with people, and teaching. One of her goals in life is to encourage and help others achieve their endeavors and go on to higher education. These same goals and values are what attracted her to Notre Dame. She states, “I really like the University’s mission in helping students get an education so that they can serve communities, use that education in the service of God.”

Her residency includes rotations in the following:
– Technical Services Department and the Legal Research Department in the Kresge Law Library
– Digital Access and Information Architecture Department in the Hesburgh Library
– Engineering library where she will complete a research and writing project

After her residency, Naomi would like to work in an academic institution that is dedicated to building bridges with tribal communities in Arizona, in a small tribal community library involved with archives or youth services, or at a tribal college where she can encourage native youth to pursue higher education and graduate.

To learn more about Naomi and her journey from the University of Washington’s iSchool to Notre Dame, visit her blogs at:

Naomi is happy to be at Notre Dame and loves sports! Go Irish!
Welcome, Naomi. We look forward to hearing great things from you!

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