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Create Interactive and Accessible Online Tutorials with H5P

This poster is part of the Distance Library Instruction Virtual Poster Session hosted by the ACRL DLS Instruction Committee. We encourage you to ask questions and engage in discussion on this poster! Authors will respond to comments between April 1-5.


Lindsay O’Neill, California State University, Fullerton

Poster Description:

Learn to create accessible and interactive online tutorials that facilitate active learning with the open source software H5P! This easy-to-use platform allows anyone to create multimedia tutorials that serve all learners. This meta “poster” session will leverage H5P to demonstrate and teach the technology using active learning techniques.


(Use the arrows to navigate through the tutorial)

Click here to view the tutorial full-screen

About the Presenter

Lindsay O’Neil is a faculty member in California State University, Fullerton’s Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology program. Previously she was an Instructional Design Librarian. Lindsay’s research interests include open educational resources, open elearning development, and accessibility. She enjoys partnering with libraries and librarians on these topics.


  1. I’m excited to try out HP5. I currently use Articulate Storyline for this kind of interactive learning experience but this seems much easier, and it’s free! Thanks for sharing your work.

    Does HP5 provide free hosting as well?

    • I’m a big big fan of Storyline myself. Unfortunately it’s not possible to produce truly accessible elearning using Storyline, and it’s just so expensive to get a license.

      H5P, in contrast, is completely open and free to use, and yes, you can host for free on H5P.org (though anything you make is automatically public, fyi).

      • Hi Lindsay, Do you think H5P is more accessible than Articulate? I would think that they would have similar accessibility issues (e.g. drag and drop interactions). I am a big Articulate user, and my understanding is that it is accessible if you build it accessibly. I am wondering if there is something important I am missing. Thanks!

    • Yes! You can embed video from elsewhere or upload video files to to 16 mb. You can add audio files too.

  2. Hey Lindsay,
    This is great and thank you for the presentation!
    How are you all going to deal with the new changes coming about having to pay for this service or the servers?
    “We hope that in November/December we will have automated sign-up and payment on H5P.com. This will empower users new to H5P to experience content creation on H5P.com, a more stable and featureful environment then H5P.org. We will at this time disable or at least limit content creation on H5P.org and/or embedding from H5P.org for new content to reduce confusion and steer more users towards a better experience on H5P.com.”

    We use H5P for some interactions, but are debating if we want to pay for it moving forward or move to another tool.

    • Clearly they are very behind schedule, which is good for us! But lucky for me, I teach at a public university that uses Moodle as our LMS and we have the H5P plugin, so we can create content right within our LMS.

      If I wanted to create content outside of my university, I would install H5P on my personal website, which is compatible because it’s WordPress. Getting this done is on my list of projects, which just gets longer and longer… 😀

      H5P can be installed with Moodle, Drupal, or WordPress, if that helps at all. Here’s the info page on that: https://h5p.org/installation

      • Great idea about the WordPress! We use Canvas, so I was getting stressed about this transition, but WordPress is a good solution if and when this happens. Thank you!

  3. Great poster! It’s been a while since I have investigated H5P. It looks like they are doing great work to get better and to be more inclusive. It was fun to go through this interactive poster.

    • Thanks! Yeah, H5P developers are constantly making improvements and adding new formats. They JUST added Virtual Reality Tours, which I’m excited to get started with.

  4. Hi Lindsay,

    Wonderful poster session on H5P! I have a question regarding assessment. I’d like to use H5P to create tutorials, but are you able to save students’ answers and have them delivered via SCORM or some other tool?


    • Hi Maryanne! You can save students’ answers and integrate with your learning management system using H5P.com, or by installing the H5P plugin into your LMS/CMS, though the plugin is only available for Moodle, Drupal, and WordPress.

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