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Online Library Instruction for Graduate Students: Lessons Learned by Working with a Fully Online Doctoral Program

This poster is part of the Distance Library Instruction Virtual Poster Session hosted by the ACRL DLS Instruction Committee. We encourage you to ask questions and engage in discussion on this poster! Authors will respond to comments between April 1-5.


Samantha Harlow, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Poster Description:

Many universities and colleges are creating more online programs. With this new trend in higher education, more graduate programs are moving online, which changes the way librarians work with graduate students. This digital poster will cover specific strategies and tools for working with a fully online doctoral EdD program.


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About the Presenter

Samantha Harlow is the Online Learning Librarian at UNC Greensboro. Prior to being an Online Learning Librarian, Harlow was an Instructional Technology Consultant. Harlow has worked with online learning and graduate students for around 5 years, and this fully online EdD program for 2 years.


  1. Hi Samantha, thanks for sharing your poster! It sounds like you offer a lot of great services to your students. How do you encourage your students to take advantage of them? Are they required?

    Michelle Keba
    Reference Librarian
    Palm Beach Atlantic University

  2. Hey Michelle!
    Thanks for your question! I try to tap into required things for the KIN EdD online doctoral students, such as their in-person orientation in the summer. I have a session there they have to attend for 2 hours. I am embedded in a research methodology course, where there are required to attend 30 minute virtual consultations in Google Hangouts with me where I use a template of what we are going to cover. I also have access to their cohort email listserv and I email them about the virtual workshops and services that we offer periodically. I am lucky that the professors in that program are very supportive of the library, so they usually highly recommend that they use Zotero and attend my webinars and training. I hope this answers your question!
    Best, Sam

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience working fully online with students who are definitely not undergraduate level. There are many tools that are useful!

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