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Outside of the Box with Tech

This poster is part of the Distance Library Instruction Virtual Poster Session hosted by the ACRL DLS Instruction Committee. We encourage you to ask questions and engage in discussion on this poster! Authors will respond to comments between April 1-5.


Russell Michalak, Goldey-Beacom College; Monica D.T. Rysavy, Ph.D. , Goldey-Beacom College; and Briana Daly, Goldey-Beacom College

Poster Description:

In this poster, we will share how we use ConvertKit, an online email marketing campaign software, to invite graduate students at our small private business college to participate in our internally developed information literacy assessment (ILA) program.


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About the Presenters

Russell Michalak, MLIS is the Director of the Library, Archives, and Learning Center at Goldey-Bedacom College. He oversees the annual budget, supervises librarians and paraprofessionals, manages the delivery of research, information, instructional services, the tutoring center, and archives. Before joining GBC, he worked in various roles at the Libraries of the Claremont Colleges, Duke University, and the University of Utah.

Monica D.T. Rysavy, Ph.D. is the Director of Institutional Research & Training at Goldey-Beacom College. Her office provides faculty and staff training support by developing new training offerings (asynchronous and synchronous face-to-face and online programs) on a variety of instructional technology, survey research, and data management/interpretation topics. Prior to joining GBC, she worked with The Pennsylvania State University’s ITS HR team in State College on a variety of instructional design and training projects while completing her Ph.D. in Learning, Design, and Technology.

Briana Daly is a 2018 graduate of Goldey-Beacom College where she worked as a student worker and later as a part-time library assistant for Russell. She was recently hired (after less than one year of part-time employment) as the first full-time Library, Training, and Analytics Assistant for GBC and reports to Russell and Monica. Briana is currently pursing two masters degrees: an MLIS from San Jose State University and an MBA degree with a concentration in Information Technology from Goldey-Beacom College.


  1. Thank you for this! As a librarian who is in the midst of developing an information literacy program it is always great to see what others are/have been doing!

  2. Thanks for sharing! What drew you to ConvertKit? I use MailChimp with my graduate students and faculty, which is free and seems to have similar features. Does ConvertKit allow you to embed surveys or just to link out?

    • Hi Mary-Michelle,
      Thanks for your comment! ConvertKit doesn’t offer surveys per se – (didn’t realize MailChimp offers that feature?), however, you can create landing pages – stand-alone web pages, with form fields – that offer HTML boxes where you can embed code from other survey platforms. For example, we use Qualtrics, so you could embed a Qualtrics – or Survey Monkey – survey, on the landing page, and collect survey data that way. You could do this using the provided embed code or iFrame it in.

      You could also create a form with ConvertKit that enables sequencing of visitors/patrons down specific email paths – ConvertKit refers to this as “email campaigns” or “sequences”, meaning, if a visitor clicks X choice on the form, then the visitor is sent down Y path of an email sequence. So if a patron said they wanted help with say “information literacy training”, they would then be pathed down the Information Literacy training sequence of emails (email training).

      Let us know if we can help further! It’s been fun to use this tool with our students. Feel free to contact us by writing

      Take care! -Monica & Rusty

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