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Challenging Research Misperceptions

This poster is part of the Distance Library Instruction Virtual Poster Session hosted by the ACRL DLS Instruction Committee. We encourage you to ask questions and engage in discussion on this poster! Authors will respond to comments between April 1-5.


Monika Chavez, Southwestern College and Margaret Drehobl, Southwestern College

Poster Description:

First-year students underestimate the rigor of academic research. Studies show that students deem Google to be an appropriate source for all research. In this poster, we explore this, and our analysis of how this affects the way students engage with our online class: Research Using the Internet.


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About the Presenter

Monika Chavez and Margaret Drehobl are Librarians at Southwestern College, a community college in Chula Vista, CA. Besides information literacy instruction, Monika’s research interests include open educational resources; and the recruitment and retainment of POC into librarianship. Margaret’s research interests include Library Space, User Experience, and first-generation students.


  1. Hi Monika and Margaret,

    Thanks for sharing your poster! I’m also interested in studying information literacy misconceptions and am planning on conducting focus groups with our FYE students this Fall to investigate their perceptions of information literacy. I noticed that you mentioned the Hinchcliffe, Rand, and Collier (2018) study in your research. Were you able to compare your students’ work to the inventory they developed to see if your students had similar misconceptions?

    Michelle Keba
    Reference Librarian
    Palm Beach Atlantic University

  2. Monika and Margaret –

    I thoroughly appreciate the Contextual Learning slide (…bubble?) on this presentation. I’d be very interested in hearing about your approach to introducing or discussing information literacy within professional/workforce environments in this course!

    Great work!

  3. Hi Monika and Margaret,

    Thank you for sharing your thought-provoking poster. I’d be interested in hearing about your survey of your students in week 1 and their perceptions of research. I’m also looking at how to embed more of IL into the curriculum and how we can support our Guided Pathways Project. Have you thought about how to link curriculum mapping and Guided Pathways? We are just starting with GPP at West Valley.

    And thanks for the Ziegler reference…will be reading that shortly!

    Maryanne Mills
    Instruction Librarian
    West Valley College

  4. This was very interesting and instructive! Why do they call them “posters”? This was a full Power-Point presentation! Very good work.

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