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Using LibWizard to Support an Institutional Repository

This poster is part of the Distance Library Instruction Virtual Poster Session hosted by the ACRL DLS Instruction Committee. We encourage you to ask questions and engage in discussion on this poster! Authors will respond to comments between April 1-5.


John Stawarz, Syracuse University Libraries

Poster Description:

To support online engagement, distance learning librarians must often form new collaborations and repurpose existing digital tools. Syracuse University Libraries’ online learning librarian partnered with the Open Access Week 2018 planning committee to develop a LibWizard-based institutional repository submission assistant in support of scholarly self-archiving.


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About the Presenter

John Stawarz serves as the online learning librarian at Syracuse University and as adjunct instructor in the School of Information Studies. John holds an MSLIS, an MS Instructional Design, Development & Evaluation, and a Graduate Certificate of Advanced Studies in Designing Digital Instruction. Follow him on Twitter @libraryjohn.


  1. Hi, John,

    Our institution just switched to LibApps in the latter part of last year. We have LibWizard, but we haven’t explored it much because we were in such a rush to get everything ready for a quick rollout. Seeing how Syracuse is using it as an institutional repository is excellent. South College, I’m fairly certain, doesn’t have one, so using an application we already have would make pitching the idea to administration and faculty easier. Thank you for your presentation.

    • Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to engage with my virtual poster and for sharing your thoughts. One clarification that I’d like to make, that might not have been clear in my poster, is that LibWizard isn’t being used to host our institutional repository; for that we have a contract with Bepress. The LibWizard tool that I helped create simply helps our faculty and researchers upload their own materials into the institutional repository, as the uploading and metadata-entering process can be a little tricky sometimes. Please feel free to reach out to me directly (jdstawar@syr.edu) if you have any questions after the virtual poster week is over. Many thanks, and best of luck!

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks for sharing! I’ll send this on to our schol. comm librarian and see if she wants us to make something similar for our IR. We have LibWizard but we haven’t used it nearly enough yet.

    • Mary-Michelle, thank you for your reply! Please let me know if you have any questions about whether to proceed, or if you do, if there’s anything I could be of help with. Many thanks, and best of luck!

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