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Vice-Chair: Amanda Ziegler
Secretary: Stephanie Espinoza Villamor
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Distance Library Instruction Virtual Poster Session (2020)

Welcome to the Spring 2020 Virtual Poster Session, hosted by the ACRL DLS Instruction Committee!

Virtual Poster Session flyer

Visit this page between April 13-17, 2020 to view and comment on over 30 virtual posters related to teaching and learning online. Presenters will be available during that week to respond to comments on their posters! After April 17th, all virtual posters will remain publicly available as an archive.

Posters may focus on successes and failures in teaching distance and online students, instructional techniques and approaches, and the tools and technologies used by librarians teaching virtually! Once you have finished viewing the posters, we would appreciate your feedback on our poster session.

Posters are organized under five themes:

Accessibility and Inclusivity


Instructional Collaborations

Project Planning & Management

Student Engagement

If you have questions, please contact ACRL Distance Learning Section Instruction Committee Co-Chairs, Matthew LaBrake (matthew-labrake@berkeleycollege.edu) or Jennifer Shimada (jennifer.shimada@gmail.com).

Still want more? Access last year’s virtual posters here.


  1. Thanks so much to the organizers for hosting this. Kudos to both you and the presenters! Especially appreciate this at a time when all in-person conferences and workshops have been cancelled.

  2. Thank you for sharing these posters. My head is spinning with ideas to try, things to explore for potential use in our library.

  3. Great poster session! I love that we can view them online. Makes it so easy for those of us working from home. There were so many great ideas and the posters were very informative.

  4. I’m still working my way through these. So many great ideas. Thank you presenters and organizers, for putting this together!

  5. Great resources in a time of need! Thanks so much.
    Where are they going to be archived? Some of my colleagues haven’t worked their way through them, and want an extension.
    If you could email me at jcaldwel@drew.edu with the address – or post it here – that would be very helpful.

  6. The curation of resources is really wonderful — and thank you for including the link to last year’s poster session. There’s so many resources with just these two pages!

  7. This has been a great session- I’ve really enjoyed seeing what people are doing for virtual IL sessions and have gotten a lot of ideas- but I popped in here and there all last week and still would like to see them. Are you leaving them available for longer than this week, I hope?

  8. Hi Everyone! Thanks for attending our Virtual Poster Session and engaging with the presenters throughout last week.

    While presenters are no longer required to respond to comments, all posters will remain publicly archived on this page indefinitely. You can come back to view all posters at your convenience. Continue to enjoy the content and refer back as needed!

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