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ACRL DLS Chair: Natalie Haber
Vice-Chair: Amanda Ziegler
Secretary: Stephanie Espinoza Villamor
Archivist: Andrea Hebert
Webmasters: Katie Stewart and Matthew Stevons (dlswebcontact@gmail.com)
Members-at-Large: Karla Aleman and Jennifer Rundels

Draft Strategic Goals

  1. Leadership: The section will become the acknowledged library leader in developing and articulating effective practices in distance learning. The section will promote research, scholarship and quality performance measures in distance learning library services to provide members and the library profession with an information and knowledge base for the development of effective practices. (this could be crafted as an action statement)
    Action: Publicize effective practices modules for distance library learning services.
  2. Environmental Forces: The Distance Learning Section will address the major forces affecting distance learning library services as identified in the Environmental Scan.
    Action: Activities of the section will reflect the environmental forces that affect its future and create changes, developments, and trends to its external environment.
  3. Visibility: The section will encourage and welcome new members to the section’s work and infrastructure. Our members will actively create a visible presence within their institutions, the Association of College and Research Libraries, the profession, and higher education.
    -Recruit new members
    -Work within institutions
    -Networking and marketing with other ACRL Sections
  4. Improved Communications: The Distance Learning Section will seeks ways to work closely with other sections and divisions of ACRL and ALA.
  5. Advocacy Role: The Distance Learning Section will serve as an advocate and resource for librarians and librarians implementing services and/or enlarging distance learning library services by providing financial, administrative, and professional documents and information to enhance knowledge and support of their (institutional) administration. The knowledge and leadership skills possessed by Distance Learning members will be utilized to provide effectively educational and consulting services for members.
    -Create a consultants database; publicize
    -Publish a consultants directory like the LAMA Building Consultants Directory
  6. Collaboration: The Distance Learning Section will seek collaborative partners within and outside the profession. The section will seek out and participate in organizations ALA and ACRL and network with librarians through the development of regional chapters to address their continuing education needs.

Last updated: 6/17/01

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