April 2016 Site of the Month

The Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online (PRIMO) Committee of the Instruction Section of ACRL is pleased to announce that a new Site of the Month interview has been posted to our committee website.

April 2016 Site of the Month:  Exploring Academic Integrity Tutorial
Interview with:  Dani Brecher Cook and Char Booth
Interviewer:  Megan Hodge

Project description: The Exploring Academic Integrity Tutorial (EAIT) introduces students to the idea of being part of the scholarly conversation, and by extension the rights and responsibilities that come with being part of a scholarly community. The interactive online EAIT consists of four core sections, each with a thematic tie to concepts from information literacy and information ethics. By the end of the tutorial, the goal is that students feel a more personal connection to the production and use of scholarly material, and a more nuanced understanding of academic honesty as a result.

The full interview is available at http://acrl.ala.org/IS/instruction-tools-resources-2/pedagogy/primo-peer-reviewed-instruction-materials-online/primo-site-of-the-month/april-2016-site-of-the-month/

To see the archive of previous Site of the Month interviews, please see http://acrl.ala.org/IS/instruction-tools-resources-2/pedagogy/primo-peer-reviewed-instruction-materials-online/primo-site-of-the-month/

Look for more interviews in the coming weeks!

Jodie Borgerding and Bill Marino
Co-chairs, ACRL IS PRIMO Committee

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