April 2019 Site of the Month

The Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online (PRIMO) Committee of the Instruction Section of ACRL is pleased to announce that a new Site of the Month interview has been posted to our committee website.

April 2019 Site of the Month: Selecting Keywords to Search
Interview with: Delaney Bullinger
Interviewer: T. Eloise Stevens

Project Description:  This tutorial is intended for novice researchers who need to search a library database. It walks students through the keyword selection process, teaching them how to choose keywords related to their research question, and brainstorm related terms to search. The tutorial includes written instruction, videos, and hands-on practice. It incorporates assessment through a flashcard sorting activity and uses embedded forms to capture student responses on an activity asking for their research questions and potential keywords.

The full interview is available at: https://acrl.ala.org/IS/instruction-tools-resources-2/pedagogy/primo-peer-reviewed-instruction-materials-online/primo-site-of-the-month/april-2019-site-of-the-month/

To see the archive of previous Site of the Month interviews, please see https://acrl.ala.org/IS/instruction-tools-resources-2/pedagogy/primo-peer-reviewed-instruction-materials-online/primo-site-of-the-month/

Look for more interviews this spring!

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