Recordings Available: Building Virtual Community Brainstorming Sessions

Recordings are now available for the ACRL Instruction Section Building Virtual Community Task Force Brainstorming Sessions.

Materials for the May 25 session on Virtual Tools for Professional Development and New Avenues for In-Person and Virtual Social Connections are at:

Materials for the May 29 session on IS Policy, Leadership and Committee Structure, and Website are at:

The Zoom recordings do not include the chat window where much of the discussion took place, so we recommend also downloading the chat file to follow along (available in the folders above).

You, too, can participate in the ongoing discussion on IS’s transition to virtual using the feedback form at This form is a place for you to offer your perspective; please feel free to use it more than once.

The Task Force would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the brainstorming sessions, in particular Lori DuBois for her help with IS history.

ISBVCTF Co-Chairs:
Liz Barksdale,
Joe Goetz,


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