Featured Teaching Librarian: Jon Hufford

Several times a year, the ACRL Instruction Section Teaching Methods Committee selects and interviews a librarian who demonstrates a passion for teaching, innovation, and student learning. Nominate yourself or someone great!

Photo of Jon Hufford

Jon Hufford of Texas Tech University

Name: Jon Hufford

Institution: Texas Tech University

Job Title: Librarian for the College of Engineering

Number of Years Teaching: ca. 35

What are you reading right now?

William Hazlitt’s essays

What’s your favorite “thinking” beverage?


What class do you teach the most and how do you keep it fresh?

I especially like teaching two of our workshops, “How to Do a Literature Review” and “The Basics of Getting Your Research Published.” Our workshops are well attended by graduate students from all departments on campus. They are at the stage in their education where they want to get published or they need to know how to do a literature review for their thesis or dissertation. I’m doing a good bit of research, writing, and getting articles published, so this is one reason why I like these particular workshops.

Name two things you would share with a librarian who is new to teaching.

Be well prepared — know very well what you are going to cover and/or what you are expected to cover. Check out the equipment and tools you will be using in class half an hour before the class.

What’s your teaching philosophy?

Find the content you are teaching very interesting. Enjoy learning that content thoroughly and enjoy the process of learning it. Love teaching what you know to students. Believe that what you are teaching is very important for students to learn if they want to be educated and successful. Do your very best to give excellent classes.

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