A Selective List of Journals on Teaching & Learning

The purpose of this list is two-fold:

  • To provide sources of current awareness in general and disciplinary teaching and learning scholarship
  • To provide suggested venues for publication outside of the literature of library and information science

For instruction librarians in an academic setting, there is value in keeping current with teaching and learning scholarship reported in the literature of library and information science but also higher education and other academic disciplines. In addition, librarians who plan to publish pedagogical articles may find it helpful to identify other journals outside the library field with this focus, in order to speak to teaching faculty. For these reasons, the ACRL Instruction Section Research & Scholarship Committee provides here a selective list of teaching and learning journals that focus on instructional strategies in higher education. Journals included in the list are:

  • English language
  • scholarly
  • focused on higher education
  • focused on teaching and learning

This list is updated every three years. The following categories were selected and annotated in 2024. For a listing of journals by discipline, see the list maintained by the Center for Teaching and Learning at UNC Charlotte. 


  • General
  • First-year experience
  • Reading / reading strategies
  • Project-based learning (PBL) and active learning 
  • Service learning and community engagement 
  • Inclusive teaching

Note: [OA] = Open Access Publications [POA] = Partial Open Access or Hybrid Publications


  • College Teaching [POA]: An interdisciplinary forum on issues in teaching and learning at the undergraduate or graduate level, this journal publishes three kinds of articles, full length articles, quick fix articles, and commentaries. 
  • Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence [OA]: A bi-annual publication by Utah State University that provides practical and experience-based insights from higher education professionals. Topics include student engagement, teaching and learning evaluation, and instructional design. 
  •  Journal on Excellence in College Teaching: Published at Miami University by and for faculty who are interested in sharing innovative pedagogies and in increasing student learning through effective teaching.
  • Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning [OA]: Founded by Indiana University’s Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching, this journal highlights empirical research, case studies, essays, critiques, and articles of a theoretical/conceptual nature.
  • New Directions for Teaching and Learning: Offers a comprehensive range of ideas and techniques for improving college teaching based on the experience of seasoned instructors and the latest findings of educational and psychological researchers.

First-year experience

  • College Student Affairs Journal [OA]: Publishes 5500–7000 word original qualitative and quantitative research articles on topics of interest to student affairs practitioners, graduate students and faculty.
  • Journal of College Orientation, Transition, and Retention [OA]: Publishes theoretical and empirical articles, how-to articles, and reviews related to the matriculation, orientation, transition, and retention of college students of up to 30 pages. The target audience is higher education professionals working in orientation, transition, retention and student affairs.
  • Journal of College Student Development [POA]: Publishes 5-30 page scholarly articles and reviews about college students from student affairs, higher education, sociology, psychology, social work, nursing, business administration, and health sciences.
  • Journal of Postsecondary Student Success [OA]:Publishes interdisciplinary peer-reviewed theory, research, policy, and practice related to student success in higher education. The target audience is researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, and articles may be up to 10,000 words depending on type.
  • Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition: Publishes empirical studies of up to 30 pages on student transitions within post-secondary education. The target audience is college educators from all disciplines/backgrounds.

Reading / reading strategies

  • Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy [POA]: Publishes original research, literature and media reviews, commentaries, and discussions on theory and practice of teaching literacy. Content covers learners from age 12 and up. 
  • Journal of College Reading and Learning: Publishes original research articles up to 6,000 words that focus on college students’ experiences with “reading, writing, thinking, and studying,” as well as strategies to teach sub-populations, and program evaluations.
  • Journal of Research in Reading [POA]: Publishes empirical research and review articles that focus on the psychological and educational approaches of reading, spoken language and writing. Subjects may be children or adults. 
  • Reader: Essays in Reader-Oriented Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy [POA]: Hosted by Lafayette College, Pennsylvania, this journal publishes research essays and articles from a variety of disciplines, including reading research. 
  • Reading Psychology: Publishes original research, experiential or philosophical explorations, theoretical pieces, practitioner accounts, and literary or humorous pieces encompassing the fields of reading, literacy, and associated psychology disciplines. Double-anonymous peer-reviewed.
  • Reading Research Quarterly [POA]: Publishes original research articles and commentaries, reviews, and theoretical and methodological essays on reading and literacy. 

Project-based learning (PBL) and active learning 

  • Active Learning in Higher Education [POA]: This international journal, published by Sage, provides a platform for publishing research about effective teaching, learning and assessment across higher education disciplines. It publishes articles, registered reports and replication studies.
  • American Society for Engineering Education [OA]: ASEE hosts a variety of conferences focused on engineering education in K-12 and higher education settings, providing a platform for publication on PBL and active learning as related to engineering or scientific educational settings. All papers are published in their PEER repository.
  • Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem Based Learning [OA]: Hosted by Indiana University, this journal provides an outlet for research on all aspects of problem based learning in both K-12 and higher education settings. The journal accepts original research from across disciplines that will enhance the understanding of both scholars and practitioners.
  • International Journal of Educational Research [POA]: IJER provides a platform for research across the field of Education for practitioners, researchers and policy makers with an emphasis on papers that are of international significance.
  • Journal of Problem-Based Learning [OA]: This interdisciplinary journal contains articles on both PBL and related approaches to learning, including research on theory, curriculum design and implementation. It features original research, reviews, analysis, accounts from the field, and guidelines for practitioners and commentaries.

Service learning and community engagement 

  • International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement [OA]: Published annually by the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement. Publishes research articles, theoretical or conceptual articles, and research reviews that focus on an area of scholarship in one of the five sections of the journal.
  • Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship [OA]: Published by the University of Alabama Division of Community Affairs. Editors welcome a wide variety of academic approaches, writing styles, and methodologies in three peer-reviewed sections (regular manuscript, research from the field, book reviews) and two additional sections (community perspectives, student voices).
  • Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement [OA]: Quarterly publication from the University of Georgia. Publishes research articles, reflective essays, descriptions of early-stage university-community projects, book reviews, and dissertation overviews. 
  • Journal of Service Learning in Higher Education [OA]: Published by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, this journal publishes original research about methodologies and pedagogical approaches of institutional-community partnerships.
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning [OA]: One of the most well-respected journals in service-learning and community engagement, it focuses on research, theory, and pedagogy in academic service-learning, campus-community partnerships, civic engagement, and engaged or public scholarship in higher education.

Inclusive teaching

This document is maintained by the Research and Scholarship Committee  and was researched and compiled by the 2023-2024 members of the ACRL IS Research & Scholarship Committee. Updated: March 2024