PRIMO: Site of the Month

Each Site of the Month interview offer insights and ideas from the creators and developers of projects accepted into the PRIMO database. The PRIMO database, which showcases exemplary online instruction materials, is maintained by the PRIMO Committee of the Instruction Section.

October 2022:
Source Types and Credibility
April 2022:
Lateral Reading
March 2022: Thinking Like a Scientist (Psychology Edition)
January 2022: What’s Behind a Web Search? Bias and Algorithms

December 2021:
Information Neighborhoods: Interacting with Online News Like a Good Neighbor
November 2021: Advanced Search Tips
October 2021: Advanced Search Techniques Tutorial, Beginner: Keywords Tutorial
May 2021: Gopher Library Adventure a Choose your own Adventure e-Book
April 2021: Thinking Like a Scientist
March 2021:
Beginner: Search Techniques Tutorial

December 2020:
Putting Sources Together: Scholarly Conversation
November 2020:
Academic Integrity
October 2020: Avoiding Plagiarism and Citing Sources, Beginning Your Research Journey, Finding a Research Mentor or Project
May 2020: Writing a Literature Review
April 2020: Library Research Tutorials

December 2019: Evaluating Sources
November 2019: Library Research Tutorial
October 2019: Reading Scholarly Articles
June 2019: Arizona State University (ASU) Tutorials
May 2019: 
Copyright Q & As: What kind of right is copyright?
April 2019:
Selecting Keywords to Search
March 2019: 
Wheel of Sources

May 2018:
Basics of APA Style
April 2018: Research Essentials Online
March 2018: Intro Tutorials for Engineers 

December 2017:
Arizona State University Library Tutorials – Developing a Research or Guided Question
November 2017: Arizona State University Library Tutorials – PICO:  Research Questions for Health Sciences
October 2017: Arizona State University Library Tutorials – Academic Integrity 
September 2017: Arizona State University Library Tutorials – MLA Citation Style
June 2017: Finding Articles & Databases
May 2017:
Y Search
April 2017:
Scholarship is a Conversation
March 2017: Search Strategies

December 2016:
Introduction to Tripod
November 2016:
Pima Community College Library Tutorials
October 2016:
Student2Scholar: Academic Literacies and Research Skills for Social Science Graduate Students
September 2016:
Information Literacy: Primary and Secondary Sources
June 2016:  
Critical Information Literacy Laboratory for Faculty
May 2016:  
MLA Play
Analyze Your Research Strategy Tutorial
April 2016: Exploring Academic Integrity Tutorial
March 2016: 
Search for History Books Tutorial

December 2015:  
Understanding Plagiarism Tutorial
November 2015:
 Plagiarism 101
October 2015: Navigate:  UWF Libraries Research Tutorials
September 2015: InfoRhode Tutorials
June 2015: Research Success Tutorials
May 2015: Big Picture Information Literacy Tutorials
April 2015: Is This Article Scholarly?
March 2015: Ace the Job Search Using Library Resources

December 2015: Ship to Shore Information Literacy Tutorial
November 2015:
 Developing a Research Question
October 2014:
 Research Tracker
September 2014: My Learning Essentials Online
June 2014: Being Digital: Skills for Life Online
May 2014: Research Therapy
April 2014: Evaluating Information
March 2014: Understanding Plagiarism

December 2013: Bowman Library Research Skills Tutorial
November 2013: Choosing a Topic
October 2013: Article Analysis
September 2013:  “How To” Online Information Literacy Tutorials

Older interviews (going back to 2003) are in the Instruction Section Archive.

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