Communication Committee

To facilitate internal and external Section communication through print and electronic media about membership activities, achievements, procedures, and publications. The committee supports the ILI-L List Administrator who moderates the ILI-L list and maintains the former BI-L list archives on the ALA server. The committee supports the Committee List Administrator who maintains the electronic communications for the Advisory Council, the Executive Committee, and all IS committees. The committee also supports the Publication Editor, the Social Media Coordinator, the Newsletter Editors, and the Web Site Administrators. The committee seeks candidates for these six positions on a biennial basis. The committee maintains and updates all the internal tips documents related to its work.

Annual Planning:
View planning documents such as annual goals, measuring success reports, or annual reports by selecting the appropriate report from the IS Archive.

Conference Minutes:
View minutes from committee meetings in the IS Archive.

Committee Members & Contact Information (member login)


Appointing IS Administrator Positions: Clarifies and streamlines procedures for selection and appointment of six administrator positions (Newsletter Editors, Social Media Coordinator, Web Site Administrators, Publication Editor).

Tips for Creating and Updating Committee Web Pages: A guide to the development and revision of web pages.

IS Newsletter