Conference Program Planning

To work with the Section Chair and ACRL to plan and execute an annual conference program that supports the ACRL strategic plan. The committee will examine opportunities to co-sponsor the program with other ACRL and ALA units to avoid duplication of topics at the ALA Annual Conference and to better promote instructional programs in general. Following ACRL and ALA procedures for developing programs, the committee will draft the initial program proposal and budget for Executive Committee and ACRL approval; secure written agreements from invited speakers; determine and arrange for equipment needs; and prepare program evaluation materials and other relevant handouts. After the conference program, the committee will post the program information on the Section web site, review and update the IS Program Planning Manual, and prepare a report for the Executive Committee, which includes the results from the evaluation.

Virtual Poster Sessions

  • 2015: Aligning Learning Spaces with Pedagogy: The Instruction Librarian’s Role in Classroom Re/Design