Conference Program Manual


Programs are an important function of the section serving to contribute to our professional development by increasing our knowledge and skills, involving us in the Section, and extending our professional contacts.

The purpose of this manual pdf) is to provide guidance for Instruction Section preconference and conference program planners. Based on the experience of previous planners, the text includes calendars and considerations to help you chart your way. The attachments gather together essential forms and samples. This manual should be used in conjunction with the current edition of the ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures, which has chapters on “Preconferences” and “National Conferences.”

Program planners may also want to subscribe to ALA-PLAN, a listserv for program planners from any ALA division or section. The deadline dates and policies noted in this manual may change from year to year, so planners should work with ACRL to determine the current practice.

Many of the responsibilities and procedures are the same for preconference and conference program planning. The major differences are the planning timelines (a preconference has more lead time), food arrangements (only applies to preconferences), and budgeting (more complex for preconferences).

The Conference Manual is maintained by the Policy and Publications Committee.