Current Task Forces

The task force will engage in the following activities including but not limited to:
Explore a wide range of virtual tools for professional development including consulting with the Distance Learning Section; Examine the current leadership and committee structure to look for opportunities to better serve the membership; Search for new avenues for in-person and virtual social connections; Update the Instruction Section website and policy language to reflect the work of an all virtual section; Promote transparency and aid the decision-making process by consulting IS members as well as leaders within and outside the field to solicit ideas and feedback; communicate updates via the ILI-L listserv; Write a two part report: recommendations for re-envisioning the section (Year 1) and a final report including implementation and assessment plans (Year 2) shared widely with ACRL so others may benefit from the work of the task force.

Documents and Forms

ISBVCTF Annual Report 2018: Our first annual report is based on recommendations gathered from the feedback form and brainstorming sessions linked below. Please read and give your feedback!

Feedback Form: You, too, can participate in the ongoing discussion on IS’s transition to virtual using the feedback form. This form is a place for you to offer your perspective; please feel free to use it more than once.

Recordings Available: Building Virtual Community Brainstorming Sessions

Recordings are now available for the ACRL Instruction Section Building Virtual Community Task Force Brainstorming Sessions.

Materials for the May 25 session on Virtual Tools for Professional Development and New Avenues for In-Person and Virtual Social Connections are at:

Materials for the May 29 session on IS Policy, Leadership and Committee Structure, and Website are at:

The Zoom recordings do not include the chat window where much of the discussion took place, so we recommend also downloading the chat file to follow along (available in the folders above).

The Task Force would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the brainstorming sessions, in particular Lori DuBois for her help with IS history.

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

In 2018/2019, this Task Force is charged to survey and connect instruction-related diversity and inclusion initiatives and committees within the Instruction Section, ACRL, and other ALA divisions; to identify needed diversity and inclusion projects, resources, or initiatives related to instruction and information literacy; to revise the charge of the Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee (IDP) in consultation with committee members and work with IDP throughout the year to complete the Task Force’s charge; to work with the Building Virtual Community (BVCTF) Task Force to infuse diversity and inclusion into that work; and to make recommendations for the future of the Instruction Section regarding supporting diversity and inclusion within instruction programs.

Document Review Task Force

In 2018/2019, this Task Force is charged with studying the current use and applicability of four documents currently maintained by the Instruction Section that require significant revision to reflect the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education. Those documents include:

  • Objectives for Information Literacy Instruction: A Model Statement for Academic Librarians
  • Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices: A Guideline
  • Guidelines for Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries
    Analyzing Your Instructional Environment: A Workbook

The Task Force will deliver recommendations on the future of the documents and paths towards retiring, revising, or rethinking each document based on evidence gained through studying each document’s current and future relevance to professional activities of academic librarians.

  • Co-Chair 2018-2019Susan K. Avery (
  • Co-Chair 2018-2019: Michele Ostrow (
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