Virtual Engagement Committee

Charge: To coordinate and promote virtual discussion of current instruction topics across the Instruction Section. To that end, the committee will provide support to other IS committees in the coordination of virtual discussions by maintaining a primer of online discussion formats; maintaining a tip sheet with best practices for the facilitation of virtual discussions; and assisting with the scheduling of virtual events hosted by IS committees to ensure an even distribution throughout the year. Additionally, the committee will coordinate one virtual event each year, including issuing a call for, reviewing, and selecting a proposal for discussion; communicating decisions to all applicants; providing guidance and support to conveners/moderators/panelists as needed; ensuring that digests are completed and shared to IS membership via the IS website and through email distribution lists; and refining criteria for selection of proposals as needed.

Annual Planning:
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Privacy Literacy (December 4, 2020)

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Challenging Deficit Thinking in Academic Libraries: Ideas and Applications

Make Small Changes, Get Inclusive Results: Bringing Universal Design into Library Instruction

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