Best Practices Project

Institutional Strategies: Best Practices

The Best Practices Project was an initiative of the Institute for Information Literacy. The first phase of the Best Practices Project, which involved developing criteria for assessing information literacy programs and identifying model programs, was completed in June 2003 when the ACRL Board approved Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices: A Guideline. This phase also included an invitational conference in July 2002. A full description of the first phase of the project is available.

In the second phase of the Best Practices Project, the Project Team publicized and promoted the Best Practices document, both inside and outside the library profession, and enhanced the document with examples, annotations, and case studies.

The Project Team met at the Midwinter and Annual American Library Association meetings. These meetings were open to any interested conference attendees. Meeting minutes are available. The Best Practices Project was then handed off to the ACRL Instruction Section. IS formed Information Literacy Best Practices Committee to continuing promoting the Best Practices Document.

For further information, please contact the current Chair of the Information Literacy Best Practices Committee.