Information Gathering and Exchange Committee

The committee serves as survey design consultants and as a centralized hub for IS committees in order to support collective data needs. Every other year the committee will conduct will conduct a broad Instruction Section membership survey to meet high level information needs of the Executive Committee and section committees. The committee will also conduct up to two targeted surveys each year to meet specific needs identified by section committees. That data will be made available to committee chairs for their informed planning and decision-making. The committee also will explore opportunities to gather feedback from IS members to complement the survey. The committee increases collaborations within IS committees, including working closely with Membership and Communications committees, to help advance the goals of the Instruction Section through data collection and exchange.

Annual Planning:
View planning documents such as annual goals, measuring success reports, or annual reports by selecting the appropriate report from the IS Archive.

Conference Minutes:
View minutes from committee meetings in the IS Archive (includes minutes of the former Professional Education committee).

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Current Projects and Resources

  •  Instruction Section Needs, Interest, and Satisfaction Survey

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