Membership Committee


To encourage participation of new, returning, and prospective Section members through orientations, social activities, promotional events/materials, and other mechanisms. The Membership committee also conducts and reports on the Dropped Membership Survey, communicates with new and dropped members, and updates the “FAQ for IS Members.” The Membership Committee co-chairs serve as the Section’s representatives on the ACRL Membership Advisory Committee.

Annual Planning:

An annual planning form is submitted to the Instruction Section Executive Committee near the start of the term (August/September). Annual reports are submitted near the end of the term (June). Contact the current committee chair if you have questions about the IS Membership Committee annual plan or annual report.


This committee meets virtually. An introductory meeting takes place near the start of the term (August/September). The committee meets intermittently throughout the year based on the needs dictated by the annual plan. Most meetings are open to visitors. Check ALA Connect for more information about IS Membership Committee meetings.


Committee Members

Getting Involved

Learn about getting involved with ACRL and the Instruction Section on the For New Members page of the IS website.

Use this form to volunteer for any of the Instruction Section committees: Instruction Section Committee Volunteer Form. Volunteer forms are due in early February each year for committee appointments beginning in July.

Additional Resources

Instruction Section orientation for new and interested members