Nominating Committee

To ensure effective leadership of the Instruction Section by nominating for the elective offices of the Section the best possible candidates who reflect the diversity, professional environments, and geographical distribution of the Section membership. The committee solicits nomination suggestions from the membership through the Nomination Form for IS Officers on the Section web site, a document which it also updates and maintains.  After preparing a slate of at least two nominees for each of the offices, the committee ensures that the candidates complete all of the requisite steps, including submitting an online ballot form (with biographical information and a statement of concern), and reviewing their ballot information on the ALA web site.  The committee also maintains a list of past and potential nominees for use by future committees.

Annual Planning:
The Nominating Committee does not complete the Annual Planning form; the committee only submits the Annual Report at the end of the year.  View past Annual Reports from the IS Archive.

Conference Minutes:
The Nominating Committee does its work virtually and does not hold open meetings at the Midwinter Meeting or Annual Conference.

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