Bibliography of Research Methods Texts

The ACRL Instruction Section Research and Scholarship Committee supports research and scholarship opportunities for academic and research librarians by identifying instruction-related topics for study and research. The Bibliography of Research Methods Texts provides information on research methods relevant to library and information science, and is intended to complement the Research Agenda for Library Instruction and Information Literacy.

This site lists English language texts that are currently in print and that focus on research methods in librarianship or the social sciences. The books are arranged into general subject categories; listings appear alphabetically by author and include a review authored by committee members.

The bibliography was reviewed and updated every three years, and was intended to be selective rather than exhaustive. The latest revision was completed in January 2018. In 2019, the Instruction Section approved discontinuing this publication, and it will sunset in spring 2021. Please contact the current Research & Scholarship Committee chair with any questions or suggestions.

Bibliography of Research Methods Texts: