IS Publication Proposal Archive

The Archive tracks the life cycle of IS committee publications that require IS Executive Committee approval (Type 2 publications). The Archive also includes, when relevant, the final, approved versions of resulting publications. All documents are available in ALA Connect in the Publication Proposal Archive folder. If you are not an ALA member and would like access to any files, please contact the IS Executive Committee Archivist.

  1. The proposing committee sends a completed publication proposal form to their Executive Committee liaison, who forwards the completed publication proposal form to the IS Executive Committee for consideration. Upon approval, the Executive Committee liaison alerts the proposing committee.
  2. Upon approval, the IS Archivist places a copy of the approved proposal in the Publication Proposal Archive on ALA Connect.
  3. After a publication proposal is approved, the proposing committee drafts the publication. The final draft is sent to the Executive Committee for final approval before it is published. After final approval the Archivist adds the publication approval date to the Publication Proposal Archive.
  4. Annually, soon after the approved Executive Committee meeting minutes are posted, the Archivist will review the list of Executive Actions to see if any additional publication proposals are mentioned that have not already been added to the Publication Proposal Archive. This information may also be used to update the status of approved and/or denied publications.

This page is maintained by the Instruction Section Archivist.