Strategic Plan


The strategic plan of the Instruction Section closely parallels the strategic plan of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). To facilitate planning, the strategic goal areas are focused to reflect the desired outcomes for the Instruction Section.

Goal Areas

The following thinking represents strategic areas of focus for the next three to five years. They are areas in which the Instruction Section will explicitly state the conditions or attributes it wants to achieve through specific goals. The goals articulate the outcomes the Instruction Section would like to achieve and answer the question, “What will constitute future success?” These goal areas are not intended to be in priority order.


Strategic Area: Higher Education and Research

Goal Area: Learning

The Instruction Section enhances the ability of academic and research librarians to be leaders in the teaching of information literacy skills for lifelong learning, creating innovative learning environments, and developing effective techniques for assessing learning outcomes.

Goal Area: Scholarship

Instruction Section members are recognized as authorities on information literacy, teaching and learning paradigms, curriculum development, research, and assessment.

Goal Area: Advocacy

The Instruction Section’s initiatives enable the higher education community to understand the role that academic and research librarians play in the teaching, learning, and research environment.

Strategic Area: The Profession

Goal Area: Continuous Learning

Instruction Section members are continually engaged in learning for their own professional development and for the growth of their institutions.

Goal Area: Leadership

The Instruction Section is recognized as a leading organization for developing and advocating for the role of librarians in information literacy and student learning.

Goal Area: Instruction Technology

Instruction Section members are leaders in using and integrating information technologies to create, deliver, and manage instructional and information literacy programs and services.

Strategic Area: The Association

Goal Area: Membership

The Instruction Section is an inclusive organization that recruits and retains members using appropriate formats and delivery options to support the professional growth of members and their institutions.

Goal Area: Sustainability

The Instruction Section is an effective and dynamic organization that continually identifies new ways to assess and improve its performance in carrying out its mission for the future.

Revision approved by the IS Executive Committee, July 2006.

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