Annual Planning and Reporting


Guidelines for Committees

Each committee chair is required to submit the Annual Planning Form in the fall, which will outline all the planned projects of the committee, including those outlined in the charge and undertaken annually.

Within two weeks after the Annual Conference, committees must submit an Annual Report via an online survey. Changes were made, effective ALA Annual 2012, to the annual reporting process and there are no longer two separate Annual Reports and Measuring Success forms. Please contact your Executive Committee liaison if you have any questions about the formatting or content of your report.


Planning Timetable for Committees

August 15
IS committee chairs submit the Annual Planning Form to the IS Chair and the Planning Committee Chair.

September 15
Planning Committee chair forwards to the IS Chair the Annual Planning Report which compiles Section activities organized by strategic objective.

Immediately After Annual
Outgoing Planning Committee Chair sends a prompt to Advisory reminding outgoing committee chairs to complete the Annual Report.

Two Weeks After Annual
Outgoing chairs submit an Annual Report to incoming IS Chair and incoming Planning Committee Chair.

See the Timetable for Incoming Committee Chairs to see a more detailed timeline of activities.

Guidelines for Task Forces

A task force can be appointed at any time during the year and appointment terms vary. A task force is not required to submit the Annual Planning Form, but each task force must complete a Final Report when its work is completed. There are no specific guidelines for each task force’s final report, instead the task force should look at guidelines for various committee annual reports and include the elements that are relevant. Unless other arrangements are made, task forces should submit their Final Reports within four weeks of completing their work.

Planning Committee Frequently Asked Questions