Resource Checklist

This checklist is intended to assist IS Committee Chairs in identifying useful IS and ACRL documents. Most of these documents are available through the Section web site and appropriate links are provided below. Where items are not available through the Section web site, the name of the supplier is provided. Unless otherwise indicated, these are IS documents.

Document Supplied By Revised/Issued
ACRL Calendars ACRL Annually
ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures ACRL As needed
Agendas for Advisory Council Meetings at Midwinter and Annual Section Chair Distributed via the Advisory List prior to Midwinter and Annual conferences
Agendas for Your Committee Meetings Committee Chair Posted to the Advisory List when Section Chair calls for them prior to Midwinter and Annual conferences
ALA Handbook of Organization ALA Mailed mid-fall
Annual Planning Form & Annual Report Form Committee Chair By October 15
Budget Request (Previous Year) Outgoing Committee Chair Sent to Incoming Committee Chair by August
Committee Charges Executive & Policy Committees As required
Committee Plans  Planning Committee Prior year available until December; current year plans posted in December
Committee Notebook and/or Working Papers Outgoing Committee Chair Sent to Incoming Committee Chair by August
Governance Procedures Instruction Section As required
Guide to Policies and Procedures Regarding Committee Attendance Executive Committee As needed
Guidelines for Archival Record Retention Section Archivist As needed
Meeting Schedules Section Chair By October. Room assignments are posted about 2 months before Midwinter and Annual conferences.

  • Advisory Council
  • Executive Committee
  • Your Committee
Section Secretary
Section Secretary
Committee Chair
Published on the web site twice a year after Annual and Midwinter conferences
Publication Policies and Procedures Manual Executive Committee As needed
Reimbursement Request Form (PDF) Committee Chair Submit to Section Chair by end of July (end of ACRL fiscal year)
Responsibilities of Committee Chairs, Members and Secretaries Executive Committee As needed

ACRL updates based on input from Section Chair, Section Vice-Chair, and Committee Chairs Several times a year
Strategic Plan for Section Instruction Section Every 3 years
Strategic Plan Implementation Reports to ACRL Section Chair Submit to ACRL in April
Annual Report: June
Timetable for Incoming Committee Chairs Section Chair As needed
Tips for Taking Minutes Section Secretary As needed
Volunteer Form Section Vice-Chair After Annual conference

Revised July 2006 by the Executive Committee