File Naming Conventions

General Guidelines

Committee Abbreviations

Awards: awards
Building Virtual Community Task Force: instfbvc
Communication: comm
Conference Program Planning: conf
Discussion Group Steering: dgs
Diversity and Inclusion Task Force: instfdi
Document Review Task Force: instfdr
Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox: insfilsc
Information Gathering and Exchange: insedli
Information Literacy Best Practices: ilbp
Information Literacy in the Disciplines: ild
Ilene F. Rockman Instruction Publication of the Year Award: insawrock
Innovation Award: insawinnov
Instruction for Diverse Populations: idp
Instructional Technologies: itech
Management and Leadership: manage
Membership: mem
Mentoring Program: ment
Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award: insawdud
Nominating: nom
Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online: primo
Research and Scholarship: research
Teaching Methods: teach

Naming Conventions 

  • Agendas:
    <YYYYMMDD>_<committee abbreviation>_<agenda>.pdf
    Example:  20191203_ilbp_agenda.pdf
  • Minutes:
    <YYYYMMDD>_<committee abbreviation>_<minutes>.pdf
    Example:  20190121_comm_minutes.pdf
  • Planning Forms/Reports:
    <YYYY-YY>_<committee abbreviation>_<type of form/report, etc>.pdf
    Use <ap> for annual plan and and <ar> for annual report.
    Examples:  2018-19_ild_ap.pdf; 2018-19_primo_ar.pdf
  • Publications, Projects, and Other Miscellaneous Documents
    <YYYYMMDD>_<committee abbreviation>_<word or abbreviation that describes the item>.pdf
    Example:  20131204_teach_FYEbib.pdf

Last Updated: October 2019