Tips for Committee, Publication, & Project Web Pages

The purpose of this tip sheet is to provide clear and consistent instructions for the development and updating of IS web pages. Keep in mind that any new publications, projects, logos, or other new content will need to be forwarded through your IS Executive Committee liaison for approval.The IS Publication Policy and Procedure Manual outlines general guidelines for proposals, including when proposals are needed.

General Tips

  • Committee chairs (or their delegates) should be given the information for a generic login to the IS Web site in WordPress. If you do not have your login information, please contact your Exec liaison or the IS Web Admins.
  • Committees are responsible for updating and maintaining their committee content as of July 2015.
  • If your committee would like to make changes that affect another committee, please contact your Exec liaison for approval.
  • All site plug-ins are chosen and maintained by the Web admins. If your committee would like a new Plug-in to be installed, please send a recommendation and justification to the Web Admins and your Exec liaison for consideration.

View a tutorial on creating WordPress posts.

Modifying Existing Web Pages

  1. Minor updates:
    • Basic editing capabilities, such as changing links, adding text, etc., are available via the WordPress platform. HTML access is also available.
  2. Major changes:
    • Major changes should be sent through your committee liaison to the Executive Committee for approval, and are considered to be changes that:
      • Affect the pages of other committees
      • Affect pages belonging to the “whole” of IS
      • Modify the content of the site-wide navigation
      • Completely revise the committee projects/site structure.
    • When a web page is no longer needed, please archive the page and delete it, as well as other links that lead to it. For instructions on archiving pages consult the Archiving information page.

View a video tutorial on how to edit WordPress pages.

Creating New Web Pages

  1. When adding new pages for your committee pages or projects, please assign a “parent” page in WordPress to ensure proper back-end organization of the site.
  2. If you are creating a site which requires folders and subdirectories, please contact the IS web site administrator(s), who will help you develop the directory structure.
  3. You may include a project logo approved by the IS Executive Committee.
  4. Use clear, identifiable names for your pages.
  5. Most committee home pages include the following sections: Charge, Annual Planning, Meetings, Committee Minutes, Roster, and Projects/Publications
    1. For “Annual Planning,” please include the following: “View planning documents such as annual goals, measuring success reports, or annual reports by selecting the appropriate report from the IS Archive.”
    2. For “Committee Minutes,” please include the following: “View minutes from committee meetings in the IS Archive.”
    3. Rosters are generated by ACRL and member names are pulled from the ALA membership database. Roster URLs can be obtained from the ACRL Instruction Section Committee Rosters web page.

Guidelines and Standards

To ensure consistent display and access to content, the IS Web Site Administrators reserve the right to modify committee pages as appropriate. Content will not be modified without approval from the appropriate committee chair(s) and Executive Committee liaison. Web administrators will ensure that html code and filenames follow ALA/ACRL standards & guidelines.

  1. IS logo
    All web pages will have the IS banner at the top of the page.
  2. Navigation
    Top bar navigation is site-wide. Addition of a menu item needs to approved by the IS Executive Committee.
  3. File Names
    Naming conventions will follow the File Naming Conventions established by the IS Executive Committee.
  4. Images
    The IS banner must be included on all IS pages. Additional images may be added as appropriate. Images should include ALT attributes.