Newsletter Editor Position Description

Current Newsletter Editor:  Lori A. DuBois, 2020-2022; Vacant

The IS Newsletter Editor serves a two-year term and is responsible for editing and publishing the Section’s biannual newsletter. The IS Newsletter Editor serves under the general direction of the IS Executive Committee and maintains close communication with the IS Communication Committee chair. The IS Newsletter is the official publication of the Section, providing current information about the Section’s news, activities, publications and projects.

The IS Newsletter Editor is a member of the Communication Committee and is a non-voting, ex-officio member of the IS Advisory Council. As such, the IS Newsletter Editor is required to attend IS Advisory Council and Communication Committee virtual meetings.

IS Newsletter Editor responsibilities include:

  • Soliciting articles for the newsletter from IS Executive and Advisory Council members, IS Committees, individuals, and other sources.
  • Editing all text submitted for publication.
  • Writing articles for the newsletter as appropriate.
  • Designing and producing a professional newsletter for the Section, in keeping with ALA and ACRL policies.
  • Working closely with ACRL Manager of Publications to distribute the Section’s newsletter to its membership.
  • Updating the document “Tips for Newsletter Editors” as needed.


  • Membership in the ACRL Instruction Section.
  • Exceptionally strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to set and meet deadlines.
  • Strong editing skills and demonstrable attentiveness to detail.
  • Institutional or personal computer resources, including an e-mail account and desktop publishing software sufficient to ensure compliance with ALA/ACRL publication standards.
  • Experience with desktop publishing software and other tools and techniques currently used in the practice of newsletter editing.


  • Prior Instruction Section committee experience or familiarity with current IS projects and initiatives.

Appointment and term:

The IS Newsletter Editor is a volunteer who serves a two-year term, upon selection by the Executive Committee and appointment by the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. The IS Communication Committee will call for applications before the Midwinter Conference and make a recommendation for filling the position to the IS Executive Committee after the Midwinter Conference. The appointment begins immediately after the ALA Annual Conference that year. The Newsletter Editor must attend Communication Committee and Advisory Council virtual meetings.

Previous Newsletter Editors:

Lori DuBois, 2018-2022
Willow Fuchs, 2017-2021
Angelica Delgado, 2014-2017
Jill Hallam-Miller, 2014-2016
Megan Hayes Mahoney, 2010-2014
Jill Grogg, 2004-2006
Marji MacKenzie, 2000-2004
Ross LaBaugh, 1998-2000
Keith Gresham, 1996-1998
Stephen Fitt, 1994-1996
Bee Gallegos, 1992-1994
Laurie Sabol, 1990-1992
Eugene Engeldinger, 1986-1990
Loanne Snavely, 1984-1986