Committee List Administrator

Position Description

Current List Administrator: Leslie Poljak, 2017-2019

The IS List Administrator serves a one-year term and is responsible for maintaining the Section’s closed committee discussion lists, under the general direction of the IS Executive Committee and through consultation with the IS Web Site Administrator(s). The IS lists are crucial to maintaining communication within the Advisory Council, the Executive Committee, and other IS committees and task forces.

These lists will be hosted by ALA’s Sympa software, the same software used to host public listservs such as ILI-L, COLLIB-L and

The List Administrator has an appointment as a member of the Communication Committee and, as such, participates in the work of the committee throughout the year.

List administration responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining lists with closed memberships for the IS Executive Committee and IS Advisory Council.
  • Creating and maintaining additional closed lists for Instruction Section committees and task forces.
  • Maintaining membership of Section lists and acting as list owner for settings and other changes.
  • Updating the document Tips for the IS Committee List Administrator as needed.


  • Membership in the ACRL Instruction Section.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and to communicate effectively through email.
  • Commitment to respond quickly to the Section’s needs.
  • Experience with mailing list software or list ownership, or demonstrated ability to learn.
  • Knowledge of mailing list software settings and etiquette, or demonstrated ability to learn.

Appointment and term:

The IS Committee List Administrator is a volunteer who serves a one-year term, upon selection by the Executive Committee and appointment by the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. The IS Communication Committee will call for applications before the Midwinter Conference and make a recommendation for filling the position to the IS Executive Committee after the Midwinter Conference. The appointment begins immediately after the ALA Annual Conference that year.

Previous List Administrators:

Laureen P. Cantwell, 2013-2017
Amy Van Epps, 2009-2013
Alec Sonsteby, 2005-2009
Kathleen Gallagher, 2003-2005
Sarah McDaniel, 2001-2003
Martin Raish, 1999-2001
Elizabeth Dupuis, 1997-1999

Application process:

The Instruction Section is not currently seeking applications for this position.