ILI-L Listserv Administrator

Position Description

Current List Administrator:  Greg Carr, 2018-2020

The ILI-L List Administrator serves a two-year term and is responsible for maintaining the ILI-L List on the ALA server. The List Administrator has an appointment as a virtual member of the Communication Committee and, as such, participates in the work of the committee throughout the year but is not is required to attend committee meetings at the ALA Annual and Midwinter meetings.

List administration responsibilities include:

  • Moderating all messages posted to ILI-L, preferably each week day, for a total time commitment of 15-30 minutes per day.
  • Setting list editorial policy in consultation with the IS Executive Committee, requesting additional information from posters when necessary to address policy issues, and clarifying and enforcing list policy where necessary.
  • Responding quickly to individual list member inquiries about list policy and technical matters.
  • Working with ALA and other technical support resources to address list-level technical problems.
  • Submitting a brief report to the Communication Committee chair before each conference, in addition to maintaining ongoing communication with that Committee.
  • See the Tips for ILI-L Administrator for additional details.


  • Membership in the ACRL Instruction Section.
  • Experience with information literacy instruction.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and to communicate effectively through email.
  • Commitment to respond quickly to the list members’ needs.
  • Experience with mailing list software or list ownership, or demonstrated ability to learn.
  • Knowledge of mailing list software settings and etiquette, or demonstrated ability to learn.

Appointment and term:

The ILI-L List Administrator is a volunteer who serves a two-year term, upon selection by the Executive Committee and appointment by the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. The IS Communication Committee will make a recommendation for filling the position to the IS Executive Committee after the Midwinter Conference. The appointment begins immediately after the ALA Annual Conference that year.

Previous List Administrators:

Anne Driscoll, 2012-2016
Ken Simon, 2008-2012
Richard Wisneski, 2006-2008
Drew Smith, 2004-2006
Sarah McDaniel, 2002-2004

Application process:   

The Instruction Section is not currently seeking applications for this position.