Web Site Maintenance Guidelines

General Updates & Maintenance

  • Make changes and updates as requested by officers of the Executive Board and committee chairs.
  • Remove announcements two-four weeks after posting or when deadline has passed.
  • Every month highlight a new project or publication in the Project or Publication of Month space on the home page.
  • Check all links to external sites at least every six months.
    • If broken links are found and a simple resolution is not available, contact appropriate committee chair to determine course of action.
  • Update the Committee Charges page, as well as pages that contain the Chair’s contact information.
  • Update the documents “Tips for the IS Web Administrator,” “Tips for Web Pages,” “Web Site Maintenance Guidelines,” “Tips for Committee, Publication, & Project Web Pages,” and “File Naming Conventions” as needed.
  • Ensure new content and major modifications have been approved by the Executive Committee or assigned committee liaison.

Annual Updates

Immediately after Annual Conference (Beginning of the new appointment year)

  • As needed, update any IS Administrators or Editor information on the respective job description pages
  • Update Committee Charges page to delete task forces or committees that have ended their work and verify the roster links.
    • Committee Roster links typically remain the same from year to year
    • Links are maintained on the ACRL Section Committee Roster pages
    • Actual rosters are populated by the ACRL/ALA membership databases. Errors should be reported to the ACRL web liaison.
    • Local Arrangements has two chair entries – one for Midwinter and one for Annual
    • Two committees maintain two roster links that rotate every other year
      • Conference Planning Committee – one for current year’s Annual conference and one for the next year’s Annual Conference
      • Nominating – one for the current year and one for the next year
        Note: This committee’s appointments take effect in March and the roster is updated at that time; the new chair of the Nominating committee is usually the IS Past Chair from two years prior.
      • Use a <comment> tag to “hide” a roster not yet populated
  • Update Executive Committee / Advisory Council roster page with new chair information.
  • Update list on the Past Chairs web page.
  • Send the chair login information to the new chairs and vice chairs
  • Review content on the Archived IS Webinars page. Delete content that is more than 3 years old.
  • Update email alerts for submissions on any applicable forms (e.g., social media, nominations, newsletter, website).