May 2017 Site of the Month

The Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online (PRIMO) Committee of the Instruction Section of ACRL is pleased to announce that a new Site of the Month interview has been posted to our committee website.

May 2017 Site of the Month: Y Search
Interview With: Elise Silva, Leanna Fry-Balci
Interviewer: Gabriel Duque

Project Description: Y Search is a website produced by library instructors at Brigham Young University for use in blended learning instruction with First-Year Writing (FYW) classes. Our FYW classes come in for one week’s worth of instruction (two to three class periods), and the Y Search modules help students learn content outside of class so instructors have more time to problem-solve in class. Y Search currently has four modules: background research, topic development, search strategies, and source evaluation. As the need for more instruction increases, librarians hope to expand Y Search to include other modules like critical reading strategies and synthesizing information.

Each module includes two embedded videos. Librarians wanted these videos to be as brief as possible, so each video is limited to two minutes. The videos are followed by a suggested homework assignment students complete before coming to class, an interactive learning tool where students can practice concepts taught in the video tutorials, and extra links to more video tutorials (not produced by BYU) that provide more instruction on a given topic.

The full interview is available at:

To see the archive of previous Site of the Month interviews, please see

Look for more interviews next month!

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