November 2016 Site of the Month

The Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online (PRIMO) Committee of the Instruction Section of ACRL is pleased to announce that a new Site of the Month interview has been posted to our committee website.

November 2016 Site of the Month: Pima Community College Library Tutorials
Interview With: Sandra J. Ley and Rob Booth
Interviewer: Lindy Scripps-Hoekstra

Project Description: Pima Community College Library’s online, self-paced tutorials instruct students in academic-level research skills at point-of-need, without the limits of time or place. The tutorials educate and entertain researchers as they accompany an animated anthropology student on a research quest into the desert southwest. The tutorials’ setting reflects the unique landscape and history of Tucson, Arizona. Upon completion of the four tutorials, students are able to explore, select and focus a research topic, identify the nature and purpose of a variety of information resources, determine the extent of information needed, and effectively search the library catalog and article databases.

The full interview is available at:

To see the archive of previous Site of the Month interviews, please see

Look for more interviews this fall!

Megan Hodge and Bill Marino
Co-chairs, ACRL IS PRIMO Committee

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