Volunteer for an ACRL IS Committee: Deadline 2/28/23

The ACRL committee volunteer form for section and division-level appointments (including appointments to the ACRL Instruction Section) is now open! Please note that you must be a current member of ACRL IS to serve on a committee. 

Visit http://www.ala.org/acrl/membership/volunteer/volunteer (or see below) for a link to the form. The deadline to volunteer is February 28, 2023 for appointments that begin July 1, 2023.

Appointment to IS committees is competitive, but I want to find a spot for as many of you as possible. The more information you give me about your interests in the application form, the better I will be able to match you in IS. Additionally, if you’re willing to be flexible in committee choices you’re more likely to get appointed. Some of our committees are more popular because their names seem more appealing and that makes them harder to get on, but there is value in participating on any IS committee. If you have any questions about volunteering for an ACRL Instruction Section Committee, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at nfp@arizona.edu.

IS is an entirely virtual section and in-person conference attendance is not required. And one additional item: ALA has continued to pause award committees and so those will not be receiving appointments this year.


Nicole Pagowsky

ACRL Instruction Section Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect


Message from ACRL:

What would ACRL do without, You? Really! We are excited to extend this opportunity for you to expand your professional network, help shape ACRL by advancing its strategic plan, commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), and influence the direction of academic and research librarianship. Serving on a committee or an editorial board is a fantastic way to become involved and make an impact on the profession.

Are you ready to be considered for an opportunity to advance learning and transform scholarship through a committee appointment? ACRL Vice-President/President-Elect Beth McNeil invites you to volunteer to serve on a 2023-24 division or section committee. Face-to-face attendance at conferences is not required and committee work can be completed virtually throughout the year.

You can learn more about the appointments process in the recording of the December 14 Get Involved: Everything You Need to Know about Volunteering webcast.

The ACRL committee volunteer form for section and division-level appointments is now open! If you wish to be considered for a committee appointment, complete the ACRL volunteer form by February 28, 2023. For more information and a link to the volunteer form, visit the ACRL website.

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