Volunteers needed for Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox Committee

The ACRL Instruction Section (IS) and ACRL Student Learning and Information Literacy Committee (SLILC) invite volunteers for a new Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox Committee in the Instruction Section.

The creation of this committee marks the hand off of the stewardship of the Sandbox from SLILC to IS. The Sandbox was created by the Framework for Information Literacy Advisory Board in 2016. While the Sandbox has been stewarded by a SLILC project team since 2017, IS has a large pool of knowledgeable volunteers who can manage, assess, and improve this important tool as an ongoing project from year to year.

If you are interested in volunteering for this committee, please fill out this form by April 19, 2019. Because this recruitment is happening alongside our usual appointment cycle, the form provides an opportunity to indicate you’d prefer appointment to this committee over others you may have volunteered for in that process.

Please note: If you didn’t volunteer for other committees through the regular appointment cycle, you ARE still welcome to volunteer for this committee through the form, but you must be a current Instruction Section member.

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The committee will be chaired by Donna Witek, who has been leading the project. This will ensure continuity in the transition of the project and onboarding of new committee members.

We are looking for Instruction Section members who are interested in the committee’s charge, which is:

To maintain, assess, develop, and promote the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox website as ACRL’s primary platform and repository for sharing and discovering information literacy teaching and learning resources in all formats, providing access to materials created by librarians in the field. This committee is responsible for the vision and growth of the Sandbox as an integral resource for those who teach information literacy.

This work will be carried out by a number of subcommittees within the larger committee, with membership to be determined by the committee’s leadership.

We will be looking to appoint librarians and library staff that represent a diverse set of interests, institutions, and backgrounds. As with all Instruction Section committees, no conference attendance is required and work will be done online both synchronously and asynchronously. No experience with the Sandbox is necessary to serve on the committee. This committee may start its work before Annual 2019, but its start date will depend on the outcome of the appointments process.

Again, if you’re interested, please fill out this form by April 19, 2019. 

Meghan Sitar, Chair, ACRL Instruction Section

Susanna Eng-Ziskin, Vice-Chair, ACRL Instruction

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